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Minimalist Morning Routine for Moms

I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of REACH® and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

I’ve been mom of school aged kids for 17 years and one thing I never liked doing is dropping them off to school while looking a mess.

    Over the years I’ve developed a minimalist morning routine that works perfect when I’m short on time and have to leave the house early in the morning. 

    Minimalist Oral Care

    Whether I’m in a rush or not I tackle oral care. If I run into anyone early in the morning, it would be wrong on so many levels to hold a conversation without having at least rinsed my mouth with mouthwash. 

    I keep oral care products in my master and guest bath and often use the guest bath when I have to leave early and don’t want to wake up my husband. I like my bathrooms clutter free, but especially my guest bath so I use the REACH® Complete Care™ 8 in 1 mouth rinse and a REACH® Complete Care™ curve toothbrush in there. 

    It’s a compact oral care storage system that’s easy to grab and place in the medicine cabinet when we have guest.

    It’s really nice since it works as a toothbrush holder, mouthwash dispenser and mouthwash cup storage. Everything I need to brush and rinse my teeth are in this compact bottle.

    Before brushing I measure out my mouthwash and store the cup in the built in storage space while I brush. 

    Minimalist Beauty

    I feel beautiful with or without make up, wearing a little bit or a lot. I love the skin I’m in so if I leave the house with a vaseline it’s all good.

    Whatever I decide to put on my lips the goal is moisture. I keep lipgloss near the sink making it easy to grab a color and apply it after my oral care.

    Adding moisture using a lip tint makes me look more put together once I throw on my clothes.

    Minimalist Outfits

    Getting dressed is a no brainer ever since I got rid of every piece of clothing I didn’t absolutely love.

    Now that my wardrobe is filled with only my favorite pieces, it doesn’t matter what I pull out to wear…I’m gonna love it.

    Years ago, I decided to stop saving my best clothes for a special occasion. I realized how wearing things I didn’t like made me unhappy about my looks. 

    After becoming a mom we sometimes get into a rut of wearing maternity clothes when we’re not pregnant, wearing nursing bras when we’re no linger nursing or wearing clothes that are either too big, too small, dated or just plain old. 

    I decided to get rid of everything that did not make me look and feel great. 

    After doing that, getting dressed became a lot easier and there was less stress involved in the entire process.

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    2 thoughts on “Minimalist Morning Routine for Moms

    1. Keeping a set of oral care products in all the bathrooms is a great time-saver that makes you more likely to take care of your teeth! I didn't think of it until my second child was born, 12 years after we moved into our house that has the main bathroom upstairs and a half-bath downstairs. Because my baby and I are sleeping downstairs now, at first I moved my oral care products, but I found that sometimes when I was upstairs I'd decide to brush my teeth and not do it because my brush wasn't there–so I bought an extra set. That got me to brush more often.

      1. Wow!! I thought I was the only one out there who did this. I have oral hygiene I multiple bathrooms for some of the same reasons you mentioned. It makes morning and night time oral hygiene simpler.

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