Meatless Soup, Entree & Snack Tailgate Ideas

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Anyone beside me been switching things up for game day? Ever since I started seeing more plant-based recipes for game day I have adopted a whole new level of love for game day. I am notorious for cooking up wings, burgers, ribs and dips, but sometimes I want something lighter and meatless.

I was thinking maybe there were some folks out there like me craving for something different so I’m sharing some of my favorites in collaboration with BabbleBoxx’s Tailgate Toolbox. My box came in the mail the Thursday before game day and just in time for me to snap some photos and share my recipe ideas. All of the recipe ideas are inspired by the contents.Meatless Soup, Entree & Snack Ideas for your Tailgate

First out of the box are the Mr & Mrs T® Original Bloody Mary Mix in a 1 liter bottle and single-serve cans. Of course these are intended for making Bloody Mary’s, however I’m using them to make game day Gazpacho. Mr & Mrs T® Original Bloody Mary Mix has the same ingredients I use in the base for my Gazpacho. Instead of measuring and mixing the tomato juice and herbs by hand for my recipe, I’m going to pour in Mr & Mrs T® Original Bloody Mary Mix.

Tailgate Recipe Idea using Mr & Mrs T® Original Bloody Mary Mix: GazpachoMeatless Soup, Entree & Snack Ideas for your Tailgate

Next thing I took out of the box are these Légal Hot Sauce. My family loves hot sauce and spicy food especially my father in law. These are handmade in Brazil using Malagueta peppers, carrots, vinegar and salt. When I see an ingredient label like that, my heart skips a beat. I love that Légal is made with all natural ingredients I can recognize and pronounce. I plan on making buffalo cauliflower with these in place of traditional buffalo wings. I have both the “Hot Hot Heat” and “Mild Heat” Légal so I’ll have to make two version to see which heat level I can endure.

If you want to try these use my BOGO promo code below and get two for the price of one here.

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Tailgate Recipe Idea using Légal Hot Sauce: Buffalo Cauliflower

Meatless Soup, Entree & Snack Ideas for your Tailgate

This next item is a family favorite with a new look and simpler ingredient list. New RAGÚ Simply™ Roasted Garlic Sauce is going to give me a jumpstart on game day pizzas! The new recipe is closer to what I make on my stove so I feel good about using it to make some quick plant-based pizzas. New RAGÚ Simply™ Roasted Garlic Sauce has some of my favorite pizza ingredients already in the jar including 100% olive oil, roasted garlic, plump tomatoes and onion. Y’all already know how much Germaine hates the taste and smell of garlic or onion in the kitchen, so RAGÚ’s new sauce is a win-win. I get the delicious garden flavors I love and Germiane doesn’t have to smell garlic and onion cooking.

Simple Tailgating Recipe using RAGÚ Simply™ Roasted Garlic Sauce: 5-Minute Flatbread Pizza

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Meatless Soup, Entree & Snack Ideas for your Tailgate

Last up are these Buffalo Ranch Ridges from Popchips. Right out of the bag they have a spicy bold flavor perfect for a party snack or after noshing on tailgate food. They taste just like a buffalo wings so it only makes sense to pair them with a blue cheese or ranch dip.

The crunch and flavor on these new popchips are super satisfying with tailgate food or after. The chips aren’t fried so they don’t leave you with greasy fingers our unwanted grease in your game day meal plan. These are available in store and online. I’ve shared a promo code below for you to use on Amazon to save 25% off.

Special Discount: Use code 25BUFFALO on to get 25% off your order of buffalo ranch popchips ridges . Meatless Soup, Entree & Snack Ideas for your Tailgate


Meatless Soup, Entree & Snack Ideas for your Tailgate
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