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Lifestyle Habits We Track On Paper + Habit Tracker Page Layout

One sign of great resource management is accountability. Germaine and I are blessed with an amazing life and so many freedoms.We’ve exercised a tremendous amount of discipline in various areas to get where we are now and we’re enjoying the journey.

We have clearly written goals in the seven main areas of our lives and we have systems in place that hold us accountable to what we say we want.

We use habit trackers for many areas of our lives because it allows us to see progress. For example, our Bible app lets us see if we’re reading our Bible daily. Our budget app lets us see how we’re managing our money and our fitness app tracks our exercise habits.

At any moment, we can look back to see our actions and how they’ve gotten us to this point.

In addition, we track other lifestyle habits. For about a year or so, we’ve been tracker several on paper. I keep them in my mini planner where I can easily access them. I have them on the pages at the very back of my planner. On them I’ve created “habit tracker” pages for several important things we want ti track each month. Each page has a simple format making it easy for me to update every month.

Tracking each of these habits builds upon our larger goals and gives us the accountability we need to reach them.

Lifestyle Habits We Track On Paper

Books Read: I kicked off this year with a goal to read more. Germaine doesn’t track his reading so this tracker is purely mine.

My goal is to read at least 30 minutes everyday. While I hope to read at least twelve books this year I didn’t set my goal based on the number of books. Committing to 12 books this year felt like less pressure and if I hit the goal I didn’t want to stop just because I hit it. Instead I set a doable daily reading goal that made sense and figured I’d end up reading quite a bit of books that way. So far I’ve been doing pretty good even though I skip some days. I set a specific time in the day for my “reading alarm” to go off and if I’m not tied up I read or listen to an audio book.

Lifestyle Habits We Track On Paper

Period: This has been a life changer for me. I started tracking my period on paper about two years ago. I’d stopped after Juwan was born and I had my Tubal Ligation. I felt like there was no need anymore since I didn’t have to worry about missed periods.

It wasn’t until I noticed my period was infringing on my getaways. Germaine and I would plan some time away and of course we both prefer I’m not on my cycle so it made sense to start tracking it again. Now we literally plan vacations around it as to avoid me being crampy or PMS’ing while traveling.

Lifestyle Habits We Track On Paper

Savings & Investments: This year Germaine and I have an audacious savings and investment goal we want to watch compound. Each month I tally up the total amounts we saved and invested then track them here.

Now when we want to see how far we’ve come or if we’re slacking this page will tell the tale.

Lifestyle Habits We Track On Paper

Extra Mortgage Payments: This year we’re throwing a lot of our surplus income at our $68,000 mortgage. We want to be done with it by December 2020. I’ve created trackers in the past that I didn’t keep up with for different reasons and feel this one is more realistic. It’s always with me in my mini daily planner and the columns are simple.

Lifestyle Habits We Track On Paper

Net Worth: At the end of last year we’d surpassed the $100,000 net worth mark and have a goal to surpass $1,000, 000,000 by 2022.

Another audacious goal, but completely doable. It’s exciting watching our net worth inch up. It’s as though every tracker before this one builds up to a great net worth. The reading, savings, investing and mortgage payoff all build upon our financial independence goal.

Lifestyle Habits We Track On Paper

These are the things we’re tracking on paper this year and how each page looks — simple and to the point.

Lifestyle Habits We Track On Paper
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