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Less Screen Time and More Steam Time for Teens

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Germaine and I parent four amazing kids and I think we’re doing a great job. We encourage our kids to sharpen their gifts through stimulating activities that fit their personalities. As parents of multiples, we see how distinctly different each of our children are so we tailor our parenting to help each of them grow.

We’ve always invested in resources to help our children blossom. We’ve invested in everything from sports to instruments to math to science and chess camps. Most recently we got Juwan a KiwiCo crate. Juwan doesn’t typically get excited about things but he was especially excited when he got his first crate.

Less Screen Time and More Steam Time for Teens

The goal of this investment is to encourage less screen time and more STEAM time with our teens. STEAM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Juwan’s default during his free time is playing video games or sports. Those activities in and of themselves are normal for a fifteen-year-old boy but my goal is to raise well-rounded kids. Germaine and I want Juwan to be academically challenged after school and on weekends without feeling like he is overloaded with school work which is why KiwiCo crates are perfect.

First off, no matter what age we are we all love fun surprises. With KiwiCo, he gets a new crate every month with a new hands-on project he can make while learning about STEAM.

Less Screen Time and More Steam Time for Teens

What are KiwiCo. crates?

KiwiCo has several different themed boxes based on science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The activities are also broken down by age appropriateness and include projects for little ones, teens and adults. That’s really what drew me to KiwiCo. My youngest children are teenagers and I often feel like they are left out of the equation when it comes to toymakers creating stimulating activities they can do on their own. 

Many teens turn to gaming and social media which can stimulate them but doesn’t always encourage them to be their best. It’s killing time rather  than utilizing their time to improve. With KiwiCo, they are inspired and empowered as they work through their project to completion

Juwan planned on going to the gym when he got in from school this afternoon, but once I gave him his KiwiCo box, he immediately got to work without me telling him. He received a Eureka Crate: Science Kit for Teens and Adults ages 14 to 104 with a motorized soap dispenser project inside.

Less Screen Time and More Steam Time for Teens

The crate came with everything he needed for the project including the tools, parts and a Makers Guide. The guide has instructions and historical details on the invention of the motorized soap dispenser.
Less Screen Time and More Steam Time for Teens

Less Screen Time and More Steam Time for Teens

He worked on the project for about an hour and called me so I could see it in action. When I tried it, I’ll be honest, it didn’t work. So he quickly tuned up some things and called me to try it again. I did and it dispensed two pumps of soap and jammed. I could tell he was getting frustrated, but I told him no great inventor does something once or twice and has instant success. We talked about persistence and determination before taking a break from the project for the evening. 

The next day, he got back to work after school and again called me to test it out. This time when I did, the soap dispenser consistently pumped soap every time I pressed the dispenser button. At that moment his eyes lit up and I understood why this was called the Eureka Crate. Less Screen Time and More Steam Time for Teens

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What I love about KiwiCo Crates

KiwiCo inspires kids to develop creative confidence and empowers them to take risks. The box is designed to allow kids to start working on their project immediately and includes everything they need. Juwan’s project required a screwdriver, zip ties, and batteries which were all included in the kit. I didn’t have to run out to the store for anything and the project was age-appropriate. Upon opening it, Juwan was motivated to start working on it, which was huge for me. Before this, I’ve only seen new video games prompt him to such instant action and excitement.Less Screen Time and More Steam Time for Teens

Less Screen Time and More Steam Time for Teens

I was so inspired that I plan to keep a subscription for a few months. The first box was for Juwan, but the next box will be for Anniyah. KiwiCo crates come once every month until you cancel your subscription. This is definitely something that’s been missing from my parenting toolkit, but now I have something different for my kids to fill their time with aside from video games and social media. 

Visit KiwiCo’s website to find the right crate for your child! 

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