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How to Dress Modest While Traveling In Kenya

I had the most amazing time in Kenya and still have so many pictures to sort through, print and blog about. I was looking through some of the photos and decided to start with a recap of what I wore. So the weather was amazing y’all. Something like 70 degrees every day we were there. Perfect weather for the safari’s and traveling from city to the bush. We touched down in Nairobi where we spent two days (more on that later) and we traveled to the smaller cities and national reserves. I loved how I could pretty much dress there the same as I do in the states. I did buy a bunch of camping style clothes, but I really didn’t have to do that. During what is fall for them, summer for us, the weather is really mild. I thought it would be really hot and I’d be all sweaty, but I was very comfortable.

When we were on the national reserve amongst the tribal people, I wore pants and my head covered. I wore my head covered because there is mostly dust on the national reserves and it got in my hair so bad that my hair looked brown at the end of the days when I didn’t cover it.

Kenya Travel Wardrobe

So let’s talk about this outfit I wore when I was in Isiolo, Kenya. It’s a comfy, light weight cotton top in my favorite color family. I paired it with an ankle length skirt that Ive had for years. This skirt is light, but covers a lot of leg while still allowing air to flow freely through it. I wore some flimsy sandals which worked fine where the ground was paved, but not a great idea for my feet when we got onto to reserve where there were rocks and thorns. I made it through though. I covered my hair, which was in plaits, with a black Pashmina Blanket Scarf. Having a few of these with me on the trip came in handy for dust and wind. I used to it wrap my face one night when it was super windy. I finished off this outfit with some Kenyan bracelets in red. green, black and white. You can order similar ones here and here.

Kenya Travel Wardrobe

I mimicked the same look on the first two days after we arrived. Another long skirt, tee and head wrap. The only difference is I bought a second wrap with me for my arms and face. The wind and dust blowing through the Land Rovers in the evenings was powerful and warping the scarf around my face helped.Kenya Travel Wardrobe Kenya Travel Wardrobe

When I wasn’t in a skirt and top, I had on convertible outdoor pants, a tee and a jacket. I found four cute pair of outdoor pants to wear which were super comfy, light weight, quick drying, had UV protectant and bug repellant. The Zika virus was a big problem at the time so I kept my arms and legs covered whenever possible. This was also so I didn’t have to spray Deet bug spray directly on my skin day after to day. Here are some cute options similar to mine here and here. I finished this outfit with comfy sneakers. They were a must for the amount of walking we did during the daytime.

Kenya Travel Wardrobe

This was pretty much my style of dress the entire time I was in Kenya, except for bedtime clothes. When I go again, I’d bring some regular jeans and tees versus shopping for outdoor pants. They were comfy, but I could have saved about $150 if I didn’t buy those items specifically for the trip.

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30 thoughts on “How to Dress Modest While Traveling In Kenya

  1. Loving all of your outfits! Totally in love with that purple skirt and the details are soooo pretty!

    1. Thank you. It’s one of my favorite because it comfy but still pretty versus frumpy.

  2. I would love to visit Kenya. Of course I have so many places I would love to visit. I’m sure you had a great time.

    1. It’s an amazing country. The safaris are to die for! So breathtaking.

  3. Love the head wrap. I would love to visit Kenya and other parts of Africa one day

  4. Loving all of your outfits! Totally loving that purple skirt and the embroidery detail!

  5. Ohhhh I want to go one day! I’ve always been curious what I’d have to wear too. Good to know you don’t need a bunch of special gear.

  6. Ooooo love the wardrobe choices!!!! You must have had one amazing time on this trip!!! I would love to visit myself one day

  7. Kenya is such a fascinating place. Your dresses are indeed so seamlessly integrated with the environment and spirit of Kenya. Nice choices.

  8. I love that you chose to wear clothes made from soft and comfy fabric. It’s perfect for the weather in Kenya. I would love to visit someday!

  9. Your wardrobe spells comfort! And it must have been a fun trip to be amongst nature, observing and studying them as well as learning from it!

  10. Great choices, I love a good head wrap, but I never would have thought to factor in the dust. Glad you had a scarf with you. You look comfy yet cute.

  11. Those are some cute outfits. They’re not only fashionable, but they’re also totally practical for travel. It’s important to be comfortable when abroad.

  12. I love your pants. My daughter did the same thing, she bought special clothing when she went to South America. She said the same thing, but I am glad she got the mosquito repellant pants.

  13. We would love to visit Kenya. It looked like an amazing trip! All your outfits were so pretty.

  14. Those outfits you wore looked really comfortable yet stylish. I think they were perfect for your trip. Cotton tees are always a winner, and keeping your head covered was a great idea too.

  15. The outfit you wore in Isiolo, Kenya is absolutely ravishing on you!! I can tell it’s your favorite color family… it looks amazing on you!

  16. What an amazing trip! And looks like you planned it well. I’d prolly wear hiking shoes though 🙂 I’m terribly clumsy!

  17. Traveling with Tees and skirts is always a comfortable way to travel. No matter where your traveling to. Don’t take up much space in the suitcase.

  18. You look great in your outfits. It does look comfortable and perfect for the weather in Kenya. – Franc

  19. I just love these outfits. You look awesome in them. I’ve never been to Kenya before. One day, I hope!

  20. The lighter clothing makes a lot of sense to me considering dust and heat. Your choices look very stylish and it’s great they helped keep you comfortable.

  21. The tees and skirts look so pretty and comfortable! And those outdoor pants with bug repellent and UV protectant are awesome. I’m glad you included your wardrobe while in Kenya.

  22. You look great. What smart clothing choices. The bug spray and sunscreen I’m sure are a must. And outside pants -I’m a jeans person so maybe i should try those other pants. Kenya must have been a beautiful experience.

  23. You have some pretty outfits there. I have always wanted to go to Kenya, so this sounds like a dream come true.

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