Kenya Travel | 5 Things Women Need To Know

One place you need to add to your travel list is Kenya. From the city to the national reserves, the country is full of so much vibrancy, things to see and do. As a women, I had to make preparations for my trip there and I learned some interesting things I wish I’d know before I went. If you plan to travel to Kenya, here are 5 Things Women Need To Know before boarding the plane.

Kenya Travel | 5 Things Women Need To Know
I spent two amazing weeks in Kenya and got to experience the city and countryside. The hustle and bustle of the city was invigorating and the slow paced, jaw dropping sights of the safari were breathtaking.

Kenya Travel | 5 Things Women Need To Know  1 – Bring plenty of spending money to buy jewelry.

If you’re a jewelry lover like am, Kenya is the place to buy all of the jewelry. You can find so many beaded beautiful pieces that you’ll have to tell your shopaholic self to step away from the shops. You’ll never tire of the pieces available. Just when I thought I’d bought one of everything I wanted, I found another shop with even more gorgeous pieces.

Kenya Travel | 5 Things Women Need To Know

Kenya Travel | 5 Things Women Need To Know

1a – Bring even more money for fabric.

I thought I’d find a bunch of beautiful dresses and skirts like these, but I was disappointed. Instead, I found so many gorgeous fabrics. The patterns I came across weren’t ones I expected but the ones I did find were top quality, and very beautiful to use for clothes or home decor.

Kenya Travel | 5 Things Women Need To Know

2 – Kenyans are open to bargaining.

Being from New York, bargaining is in my nature. It’s a quality my husband doesn’t posses and feels uncomfortable doing, but it came in handy when we were in Kenya. We went into shops and pretty much bargained for everything and created win-win deals for use and the merchants. We came back with clothes and jewelry and rarely paid the ticket price.Kenya Travel | 5 Things Women Need To Know

3 – Kenyan women dress like American women.

I thought I had to wear my head covered, long dresses and sleeves, but the women in the cities wore pretty much what I’d wear at home. Skinny jeans, a cute top and sandals are pretty normal especially in Nairobi.

4 – Natural Hair Products and Oil Paradise

Stores that carry butters, oils and Denman products were everywhere in the Westgate shopping mall. To go in a store and see so many products I use on my body and hair was amazing.

Kenya Travel | 5 Things Women Need To Know

5 – Bring a good camera and extra storage.

I brought my mobile phone and captured these plus hundreds more amazing photos, but next time I will have a camera that takes longer distance shots. My up close shots turned out great, but the safari shots where the animals were father away were not as clear. There are so many beautiful things to photograph on safari and trust me, you’ll miss out if your camera isn’t good.

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  1. I love all of the beautiful pictures you share on this post! It looks like you had a blast in Kenya. Those are some great tips you shared as well, ones I wouldn’t think about if I were to go. Love it!

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