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Juicing Recipe: Gala Apple Pop

I was recently gifted a Hamilton Beach Health Smart Juicer after being without one for over a year. A part on my Breville juicer broke and I’ve not decided whether to buy the replacement part or a new juicer.
In the meantime, I’m back in business and want to share a super easy recipe with you.
There are only three ingredients that you probably already have in your refrigerator. I’m using one apple, two celery stalks and one Roma tomato. Roma’s are much smaller than Beefsteak tomatoes and are the perfect size for a single glass of Gala Apple Pop. 

The fruit and vegetable shoot on this juicer is much smaller than the one on my Breville which means I have too cut my ingredients into smaller pieces.

The size of the shoot makes a huge difference when shopping for a juicer. If you have to pre-cut your ingredients, that’s more dishes to wash in addition to the parts of the juicer after each use.

I like to juice more than once per day so the less dishes accumulated during the recipe preparation, the better.

Once everything is cut, I run it trough the juicer. Some people like to drink their juices cold but I drink mine at room temperature. 

The flavor of this juice is very subtle. It taste just like apple juice with a little pop to it. If you’re new to juicing this is definitely an easy recipe for you to try and the taste is very close to that of 100% apple juice.
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