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I’m Skinny but Strong | Why Being Skinny is Not so Bad

I’ve been hitting the gym hard the last 2 month trying to maintain muscle tone on these skinny legs.

Ever since becoming a vegetarian a few months ago I’ve gotten super lean. I’ve always been petite but now I’m petite and lean.

 My legs are skinny but they are strong. In fact I’m lifting 240 pounds on the leg press machine which is amazing since I’m only 118 pounds and just over 5 feet.

I used to hate being so skinny so I started eating more to put on weight, but with weight comes fat. I’m tired of the weight rat race so I’m just going to eat what I love and accept my body the way it is…skinny and all.

People often think because you’re skinny you have it made, but it not so. You struggle with not being voluptuous and curvacious. You struggle with not being able to find clothes that fit and often resort to shopping in the children’s section.

It’s a mess but I’m at a point where I don’t care about being bigger. I’ll turn 37 in two weeks and I’m just happy to be alive, healthy and strong.

If petitie is what God intended for me to be, that’s what I’ll be.
And yes…my shirt is from the children’s section.
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