How Women’s ROGAINE® helped me feel confident about my hair

Fall is fast approaching which means change in weather and a change in hair needs. During the fall I like to wear beanies and my hair braided up in protective styles which will work perfectly as I continue my hair regrowth regimen with Women’s ROGAINE®.

It’s been twelve weeks since I’ve been treating my thinning hairline with Women’s ROGAINE® and I am super happy about the results so far.

Earlier this year I decided to transition from relaxing my to allowing it grow out in it’s natural texture.

As of late, I’ve been wearing my hair in a flat twist protective style since the weather is cooling down. Having my hair braided makes applying the Women’s ROGAINE® everyday easier. 

My night time beauty routine

    1. I rinse my hands with cold water too prep them for the application process. Cooler hands keeps the foam from melting when coming into contact with my hands.

    2. Then I fill the cap with as much product as I need for my thin areas. I use about a half capful.

    3. Next, I massage some product onto the scalp area where my hair is thinning, like a little massage for my hairline.

    4. Once I’m done, I wash my hands thoroughly, while my hairline dries, then tie my hair down with a satin scarf.

I’m not certain if you will be able to accurately see how much my hairline has improved, but I’m absolutely happy with the results. So much so that I plan to continue using Women’s ROGAINE® as part of my beauty routine. When I started using it, the hairs along my hairline especially near my forehead were sparse. 

When I’d brush my hair back, the hairs would not lay flat and the area looked very thin as you can see from my previous post. Having such thin hair around my forehead was a no-go.

Since using the Women’s ROGAINE®, my hairs have begun thickening in my trouble areas. Where it was thin, I’m finding more fullness. The one spot on the left side of my forehead where there were just a few hairs, now is fuller as you can see in the picture below. The same is true on the right side of my forehead.

Now when I wear my hair styled away from my face I feel much better about the way my hairline is starting to looks. The little bit of growth has made all the difference in how I feel when I style my hair.

I’m excited about the results so far and anticipate even more success with continued use. If you’re not happy with your hair loss and have been on the fence about trying Women’s ROGAINE® hopefully my experience has inspired you to try it.


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  1. It looks like you are getting great results and that is fantastic! I know quite a few people who are having issues with thinning hair and I am going to share this post with them. You look great!

  2. Firstly, congrats on your growth. Secondly, I didn't know there was Rogaine for women. I've seen it quite some time for men. However, I had the same issue before locking my hair. I may have to look into it just in case I start losing because my hair is getting longer/stronger by the day.

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