How we savor time with our teens before they ship off to school

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Over the next five years we’re savoring as much time with our teens as possible before they graduate. 
How we savor time with our teens before they ship off to schoolRight now we have two teens and the oldest graduates in two years. He’s decided to attend school out of state and that means we’ll see less of him. 

Knowing he leaves in two years, makes me more intentional about savoring time as a family. Connecting with my kids is really important especially since they’re get closer to being adults. Spending time with my kids comes natural.

Some of our best moments have been while playing games together, making food and traveling. We especially love to travel and try to visit somewhere fun every season. Our most recent travels took use to Disney World and then Virginia, a few weeks ago.

We’d just returned from a fun week in Disney and wanted to use our next vacation in Virginia to relax. We planned a slow paced itinerary where we could unwind. We took a slow ride up to the Glen Allen, a quiet little family town perfect for a weekend getaway.

How we savor time with our teens before they ship off to school

We didn’t plan many activities because we wanted to go with the flow. On the first day we all hung out in the pool and hot tub before meeting up with family.

While in Virginia we shopped, did some site seeing and had family game night at Dave & Busters.

How we savor time with our teens before they ship off to school
How we savor time with our teens before they ship off to school

Weekend road trips are one of my favorite ways to savor with my kids. 

My husband and I want to enjoy our young adults as much as we can before they ship off to college.

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      1. My son graduates next week and it is bittersweet. He will be living at home when he starts college but I still try to make every moment count!

      2. I love this! Our kids still have a while to go! I am a big planner but love to relax and go with the flow on vacations.

      3. I love that you are being intentional with the years you have left with your kids. They grow up so quick! Games and road trips are great ways to have fun together.

      4. I love this! No kids yet but always good to keep in mind.

      5. No kids here-but I always prefer a laid back vacation–I mean really after all the craziness of everyday life-I need that peace and quiet!

      6. There are only so many days we get with them while they're little. I am a few years away from college, but I know how quickly the time will come sooner than I'd like.

        • Nellwyn, that's a great idea. We're planning a family mission trip the summer after my son graduates.

      7. You'll always be so happy you've taken these moments with the kids. I love when parents savor that!

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