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How We Picked Our Rooms To Go Living Room Furniture

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Furnishing your home can be an overwhelming experience if interior design is not your strong suit. There are so many options to consider so how does someone decide on pieces that look amazing and won’t break the bank? For great prices, sturdy furniture and home decor inspiration Germaine and I shop Rooms To Go.

When we bought this home we had no idea how to decorate. All we knew was that we had an empty house and needed furniture. Germaine and I had been to multiple furniture retailers and was having a hard time finding the price point we were looking for, plus the quality and design help. It wasn’t until we drove an hour and a half to the closest Rooms To Go location at the time in Charlotte that we checked all of the “family room” furniture search boxes. We found an amazing showroom, affordable prices and sturdy furniture our family could grow with. The set we purchased for our family room has been with us over seventeen years so it only made sense for me shop Rooms To Go to complete our formal living room makeover.

This room started out with seventeen year old carpet and at least a decade old paint color. To update this room we pulled up the gray carpet and put in hardwood floors. 

Before:DIY Laminate Floor Install & Easy Cleanup with Bagster®bag

After:DIY Laminate Floor Install & Easy Cleanup with Bagster®bag

We also changed the wall color from a dark mustard yellow to a soft grayish white. Once the painting and floors were complete, we had a bright beautiful updated living room, but no furniture so it was time to shop. 

Before:DIY Laminate Floor Install & Easy Cleanup with Bagster®bag

After:DIY Laminate Floor Install & Easy Cleanup with Bagster®bag

How We Shop for Our Home

Online Research

Germaine and I started our research at We like to browse online first when possible because it allows us to research at our own pace and use the information on the site to answer any initial questions we may have before heading to the store. We each picked out some living room sets we loved then presented them to one another. 

The top things we took into consideration when browsing were fabric, color, size and price. After narrowing down our selections to about four choices, we made the first of two visits to Rooms To Go. 

In-Store Research

How We Picked Our Living Room Furniture Our first visit in store was to see the physical pieces we were considering and to see in person pieces we excluded. How We Picked Our Living Room Furniture Things we wanted to determine in person were the texture of the fabrics and the actual color in different lighting.How We Picked Our Living Room Furniture

Other things we evaluated was how each sofa and loveseat felt for Germaine’s height and weight as well as mine.How We Picked Our Living Room Furniture

We looked at every sofa and loveseat in the store as well as our top picks. We compared prices, textures and more.How We Picked Our Living Room Furniture

We checked to get a feel for the height of each piece as we didn’t want low profile furniture. The sales agent we had was amazingly patient with all of my questions, she listened to my needs and made alternate recommendations for two of the sets we wanted but that weren’t in the store.How We Picked Our Living Room Furniture

Germaine and I were in Rooms To Go touching, sitting and asking questions. The whole time the sales representative acknowledged both of our goals and gave us the answer we needed to make our final choice.

Sleep On the Options & Decide

That night we looked through all of our final selections and reviewed our notes. We narrowed our choices to several great pieces after our in store visit, but only one sofa loveseat set would get picked.How We Picked Our Living Room Furniture

After talking it through we decided to buy the Emsworth sofa and loveseat. The next image is how it looked in the Rooms To Go showroom and the following picture it what it looks like in our living room.How We Picked Our Living Room Furniture


How We Picked Our Living Room Furniture

We love the color, texture and especially the spacious seat cushions. The loveseat can fit Germaine one of my teens and myself comfortably. I imagined the pieces would look amazing in our home and I was not disappointed.

How We Picked Our Living Room Furniture

Both pieces are built on a hardwood frame, and is covered in soft beige textured fabric. The high profile pillow shaped back cushions are perfect for taller individuals like Germaine and make sitting super cozy for shorter people like me.

The reversible boxed seat cushions we’re a plus for me. Some sofas are made with stationary seat cushions which is not a deal breaker for us. However, having the ability to fluff, shape and flip the cushions for even use over time means I can get more use from them over the years. 

The Emsworth sofa and loveseat come with these cute coordinating accent pillows which are part of what sold me on this set. Both chairs include two accent pillows and both have this tribal like pattern on them.How We Picked Our Living Room Furniture

The accent pillows on the loveseat are double sided with the tribal pattern on one side and a solid beige color on the other. Turning the pillows to mix or match the patterns makes adding some interior design style to the space easy. Between the light color and the minimal decor the space is functional but still bright and open.

How We Picked Our Living Room Furniture

This is the first room guests see when they enter our home and we wanted it to feel inviting. After seeing all of our family together in here for the holidays I think we hit our goal.

How We Picked Our Living Room Furniture


How We Picked Our Living Room Furniture
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