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How To Manage Laundry with FREE Laundry Labels

I overheard Germaine telling a guy at the gym that he does most of the laundry. It was shortly after I heard him tell the guy we’d been married for 19 years this October. We’ve been married 19 years, but I’ve been doing laundry for a household since I was about 13 and I’m 43 now.

A few years ago Germaine started doing most of the laundry as he saw I was reaching the end of my rope with it. I kept telling him we were going to have to hire someone because I was over it. That’s when he took over. He heard me y’all and that felt amazing.

He’s been doing most of the laundry ever since and I love it. He washes and dries everything then everyone puts their own laundry away. Years ago I put a laundry system in place to make manage the laundry easier and we still use it today, but it’s getting an update.

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We have seven laundry basket in our laundry room that makes it easier for everyone to sort accurately. Having everyone chip in on the sorting makes it easier on the person who does most of the washing. We’ve used these cloth baskets for years, but they are old now and need to be replaced.

This time we decided on plastic laundry baskets because they don’t hold moisture and allow anything wet to dry in the basket until wash day. We chose these flexible laundry baskets because they seemed easier to carry around and less likely to crack over time.How We Manage Laundry

The baskets are a perfect replacement for our current baskets, but it’s the labels that make having multiple baskets a great idea. Let me show you how I use labels to make sorting and managing laundry easier.

How We Manage Laundry + FREE Laundry Basket Label SVG File

How We Manage Laundry

I’ve made labels in the past using a printer and I’ve made some using craft supplies. I literally use the materials I have on hand it it just so happens I have a vinyl cutting machine this time. I opened up the machine app and chose a simple font to cut the words for the categories we use to sort laundry.

How We Manage Laundry  Once the labels we’re cut and attached I swapped out the old ones for these new ones. You know you’re a grown up when labeled laundry baskets make you excited. I am so excited to have better baskets in place to manage our family’s laundry.

How We Manage Laundry

Click for the FREE Laundry Basket Label SVG File

How We Manage Laundry + FREE Laundry Basket Label SVG File
How We Manage Laundry

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