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How we make wellness and nutrition a priority for our family

This is a sponsored conversation written by me for compensation by Bayer. The opinions and text are all mine.

Germaine and I are notorious for creating easy meal plans for our family with the goal of giving us the fuel we need to make it through the day energized and focused. There’s nothing worse than trying to be your best during the day and just not having energy or focus.

We’re a fitness focused family and by that, I mean we make physical fitness a core part of our week. For Germaine and I that means weightlifting and cardio. We work out at least four days a week and encourage our kids to exercise or play a sport weekly.

In addition to exercise, we write weekly nutrient-rich meal plans that give us a mix of grains and fruit.

How we prepare our meals and meal plan.

We plan our meals on Friday, shop Saturday and cook on Sunday. For breakfast we keep it simple. For instance, this week we made oatmeal paired with fruit and nuts. It takes about 10 minutes to make the oatmeal and seconds to measure out the fruit and nuts. However even though we eat healthy we may be falling short in getting key nutrients from food alone so we take a multivitamin to help fill nutrient gaps.

How make wellness and nutrition a priority for our family

Which vitamins do we take?

Germaine takes One A Day® Men’s, I take One A Day® Women’s and the kids take these Flintstones™ Complete Gummies.

How make wellness and nutrition a priority for our family

Getting our daily nutrients can be tricky, especially with the kids eating at least one meal at school and me not eating as much meat anymore. Having vitamins weaved into our meal planning makes getting key nutrients easier. Taking one serving a day helps us get those much-needed vitamins like A, C, D, & E. Even though we eat really well, it’s important for me to know we are getting key nutrients we may need if I miss the mark in our meal planning.

How we fit multivitamins into our daily routine.

I like to keep our vitamins in the kitchen on the counter making it easy to grab one in the morning with breakfast or to stick one in our meal plan boxes when we’re putting them together.How make wellness and nutrition a priority for our family

I find that it’s easiest to take a vitamin in the morning with our meals.
How make wellness and nutrition a priority for our family

I usually keep track of what’s in the bottles and replenish as needed when we grocery shop. Adding Bayer vitamins to my Walmart Online Grocery Pickup order or including them in my delivery services order makes it easy to stick with the routine.
How make wellness and nutrition a priority for our family How make wellness and nutrition a priority for our family

Why I make wellness and nutrition a priority for our family.

Physical fitness and healthy eating have been part of my life since I was a child. My dad would get us outside to ride bikes, play paddle ball and softball any time the weather was warm enough. He was also very knowledgeable about food and how it impacted energy levels and overall health. I started taking my Flintstones vitamins as a kid and continue the habit with my children.

I pretty much feel physically amazing most days, I attribute that to being active and making mindful food choices. Taking care of my body from the inside out helps me live an amazingly fulfilling life, which is why I encourage my kids to be active and make mindful food choices. Seeing how my lifestyle decisions have played a part in my overall health and well-being makes me put forth the effort to make sure my children identify those benefits in their lives as well. That includes talking to them about energy levels and how minor ailments are connected to their lifestyle choices.

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