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How to Update the Look of Your Air Vent Covers

If you’ve been in your home over five years and haven’t stayed on top of minor home repairs, your air vents may need a little TLC.
Mine did so I decided to tackle this long overdue project.
I began by removing the vent covers from the floors. 
I wiped them off really quickly and began sanding them with a medium grit sheet of sandpaper. Sanding will help remove any rough spots and also rough up the existing enamel so the new enamel will adhere well.
If your vents are rusty like mine, things can get a little dirty during the sanding, so I suggest covering your work space. I used some old cardboard.

After sanding I gave my vents a final wipe to remove any grit or grime. 

After allowing them to air dry for a few minutes, I applied one even coat of Rust-oleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover spray paint. 

This is the brand I recommend for metal or plastic projects. After letting the first coat dry for a few minutes, I applied one more coat and touched up any areas I missed.

In under 30 minutes, I had taken my old air vents that looked like they were ready for the trash can, and made them good as new.
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  1. Looks great! I am going to do that to my vents now.

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