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How to Store, Organize and Share Digital Photos

This post was sponsored by the makers of ibi as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. The makers of ibi sent me this for free. All opinions expressed in my post are my own.

In the past 24 months Germaine and I have done more traveling than we’ve done at anytime in our marriage, we welcomed two granddaughters into the world and sent our son off to college. There have been so many of photos, video and text messages shared during each of these events.

As our children are getting older and living away from home we’ve useful technology to keep our family connected. And it’s not just our kids but the grandparents want updates on what’s going on with our children as well. With everyone living in different places, photos and technology help close the distance gap.  

How to Store, Organize and Share Digital PhotosInstead of taking photos and printing copies for everyone like back in the day, I’ve started digital sharing via online albums. Digital albums are easier to store, manage and allow me to share privately with my inner circle in just a few clicks.

Since 2018, I’ve taken over 5,000 photos and accumulated over 60 hours of video capturing special moments. All of those memories had been organized and shared with my inner circle through email and text messages before I got an ibi.How to Store, Organize and Share Digital Photos

ibi is a 2TB tower that stores, organizes and lets me privately share special moments with my family. It has 2TB of storage space which is equivalent to about 500,000+ photos and over 200 hours of video storage space. That’s a lot of space for all of my most important memories.  ibi has a “inner circle” feature in the app that lets me create albums and share with specific people from my phone.How to Store, Organize and Share Digital Photos

ibi automatically backs up photos from my phone so they are accessible in the app for sharing without having to upload manually! When I’m just sitting around I go through and sort the newest photos into albums and then share updates with my “inner circle” instantly.How to Store, Organize and Share Digital Photos

I have Germaine added to my circle and sent invites to my family members so they can access our albums. The next album I’m working on is “spring break”. My oldest son “junior” is in the Grand Cayman for spring break and as soon he returns we’re going to get his photos added. Everyone has already asked him to take a lot of pictures so we’re looking forward to sharing them when he gets back.

Once he gets home, spring break starts for my two youngest and where headed back to Princeton, New Jersey to visit junior. I’ll share some photos with you all in a few weeks, but some will be shared privately with my inner circle via ibi.How to Store, Organize and Share Digital Photos

I love the simplicity of my ibi photo and video storage device. To learn more or to purchase your own ibi visit!

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