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How to Slick Your Baby Hair or 4C Edges

Do you struggle with trying to Slick Your Baby Hair or 4C Edges down? Today I’m going to tell you the two steps I use for neat edges every time.

Since sharing my protective up-do, I’ve big chopped. I was about 16 weeks post relaxer and decided to cut off the relaxed ends of my hair. 

Since cutting my hair, I’ve switched to a crochet braid protective style. I love this style because it requires no manipulation of my hair. The only thing I do a few times a week is slick my baby hair. 

When my hair was relaxed this was easy to do, but once I began trying it on my coils 4C hair, it was much harder. The hair would lay flat, but would coil back up until one day I tried something different. 

Instead of slicking my hair down with just a soft or strong hold gel, I added another product on top of it.

How to Slick Your Baby Hair or 4C Edges

1. To start the process I add moisture to my edges using gel. Gel has water in it, which makes my edges soft and manageable. I rotate between Ampro Pro Styl Protein Super Hold Gel and Smooth ‘N Shine Curl Activator Gel. You can see how I apply it and how much in the video below.

2. Once the gel is applied, I go in and add and edge smoothing pomade. My two favorite edge smoothing pomades for 4C hair are Smooth ‘N Shine Edge Smoothing Pomade and Let’s Jam Condition and Shine Gel.

3. Next I use a toothbrush to smooth and style my edges. When I have time, I tie a fabric headband around my edges for 10 minutes while the gels dry.

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