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How to Set Up a Family Snack Station

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I love doing special stuff for my kids and its made even more special when what I do for them coincides what I do for a living. For this tutorial I’ve partnered with Jif® to share how planning a snack station is made easy with Jif® Power Ups™. My methods tutorial on How to Set Up a Family Snack Station is not to golden rule, but I’m sharing it to give you some ideas on how to create a central space where your family can grab snacks in the morning, during the day or after school.How to Set Up a Family Snack Station

The older my kids get the less I think they have a need for snacks, but it’s just the opposite. The older they’ve gotten the more they eat and still need guidance when making snack choices. As mom it’s my job to plan meals, and choose groceries that will be enjoyable and nutritious.

My kids would snack on candy everyday if I let them, but candy won’t give them energy to focus on school work and excel during physical activities. They need snacks that are energizing, nourishing, and filling so I look for snacks that have a balance of protein, fiber and good fats.How to Set Up a Family Snack Station

Tip #1: Choose a low traffic location

To ensure our snack bar appeals to my kids and satisfied my need to feed them good stuff I stock it with a mix of fruit, grains, nuts and sweet snacks. All of these are easy to grab and in the dining room where it makes sense for us. Our kitchen is so small and we’re usually bumping into each other during the day when we’re all in there. Having the snack station in the dining room is perfect because it’s where my kids hang out after school while doing homework.

Tip #2: Choose win-win storage containers

I decided to use glass one-gallon storage jars with lids for the snacks because they’ll help me monitor if my kids are over indulging. I can easily see the content of the jars getting low way too fast. I chose one gallon containers so I don’t have to refill them more often than once a week. Between the two lidded containers and the fruit bowl I think there are enough snacks for two weeks of school.How to Set Up a Family Snack Station

Tip #3: Choose win-win snacking solutions

I filled on lidded jar with a couple boxes of Jif® Power Ups™ and the with pretzels. I also put out fresh fruit and bottled water. I love tangerines because if the size and eat to peel. Plus they don’t need to be washed. I like them too because they’re sweet and nutritious.

Of course my kids differentiate between fruit sweet and sugar sweet so I included Jif® Power Ups™ chewy bars in the snack options. There were so many Jif® Power Ups™ varieties to choose from making it hard for me to decide which ones to get but I ended up choosing creamy peanut butter, chocolate with peanut butter and salted caramel with the appealing chocolate and peanut butter drizzle.How to Set Up a Family Snack Station

Keeping with the theme of making this an at home and on the go snack station, I chose Jif® Power Ups™ bars over the clusters. The clusters seemed like they’d be a bit much for the kids to eat on the go in regard to hand washing and snacking. With the bars they can keep them in the wrapper and eat them.How to Set Up a Family Snack Station

Tip #4: Keep things organized

I like how neat the space looks and how inviting it is for all of us. I love the mix of snacks and how the space is big enough to store at least a weeks supply. The glass containers really do it for me though. I’ve wanted to get some for storage for a while now but couldn’t think of what I’d use them for. This snacking station was the perfect opportunity for me to incorporate them.

How to Set Up a Family Snack Station

To finish things off I added labels to the space using some write on chalk board clips. These are always a super fun way to keep spaces organized. The labels help my family assist in keeping the snacks in the proper containers when its time to refill. The chalkboard labels can also be erased and reused when I swap out snacks.How to Set Up a Family Snack StationAfter setting up the snack station I sent the this picture to my daughter for approval and now she’s setting up a snack station at her house for my grand children. It doesn’t take much to do it and you don’t have to use the same storage containers that I used. Use what you have on hand and create a neat and organized way to store and display weekly family snacks.How to Set Up a Family Snack Station

Where to find Jif Power Ups

All of the snacks and beverages for this post were purchased at Publix. The best place to find Jif® Power Ups™ is at Publix on the cereal aisle. I took a picture of the aisle while I was buying mine to make it easy for you to find them. Like I said earlier, there are a lot of flavors to choose from so use the photo below to decide which ones you want before you go to the store. There’s a coupon here good for $.75 off any one Jif® Power Ups™ Creamy Clusters or Chewy Granola Bars 5 ct. valid until 1/31/19.

How to Set Up a Family Snack Station

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How to Set Up a Family Snack Station

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