How to Reset Your Routine

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How to Reset Your Routine

Hey y’all. It’s the first week after spring break and I need a serious reset. I skipped going to the gym during the break and was totally off my routine. Whenever holidays, events and school breaks throw me off my routine, I just flow with it because I understand it’s just a temporary change.

Going with the flow of things during these times in motherhood makes everything simpler and less hectic for my family. So during spring break I started my mornings with a cup of coffee, spent my afternoons in the yard and my evenings preparing meals. I didn’t work or workout much, because I wanted to be available for my kids during the break.

While I love my kids a bunch, there is one routine I could not let go of during the break and that was my morning quiet time. Each morning I like to get up before everyone else and enjoy and cup of coffee. I’ve made my coffee better for me using Hood Calorie Countdown.How to Reset Your RoutineI order it during my weekly Walmart grocery pickup and use it because of the health benefits. I’m getting older so I can’t consume the amounts of sugar and calories I did in my thirties so I look for healthy swaps when I can. Instead of whole milk in my coffee, I use 2% Hood Calorie Countdown.How to Reset Your Routine

Calorie Countdown is a blend of ultra-filtered milk with water, cream (and other ingredients) that create a delicious, creamy taste with fewer calories, less sugar, and fewer carbohydrates than regular milk. When comparing Calorie Countdown 2% Reduced Fat to traditional whole milk, there are 42% fewer calories, 75% fewer carbs, 75% less sugar.

Now I’m not gonna lie, coffee without creamers and added sugar is an acquired taste. I didn’t start out loving it, but once my body adjusted to having less sugar in my diet, I got used to it like anything else.How to Reset Your Routine

If you’re wanting to cut sugar and calories in your coffee, start with Calorie Countdown and cut the amount of sugar you’d normally use by a third. Each week, cut back a bit more until you’re comfortable with the taste and have reached a lower amount of sugar.How to Reset Your Routine

Like with any new routine, it requires consistency and flexibility. I didn’t acquire these habits over night and neither will you. Any new routine takes time, but the benefits will outweigh the sacrifice. For those looking to live a healthier lifestyle it all starts with making small changes. Try swapping out this lower calorie dairy beverage in casseroles, cereals and your coffee. There’s a coupon for $0.75 off here.

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19 thoughts on “How to Reset Your Routine

  1. I definitely agree about the consistency and flexibility when trying out a new routine. Adding to it is the willingness to change what you are already used to. It’s good to change once in a while and stepping out of our normal or comfort zone.

  2. Coffee is one thing I will not give up so it is nice to know there are options to reduce the calories. It is a great way to reset a routine, which I seem to need every couple of weeks. Thank you.

  3. I find it hard to get back on track once my routine gets disrupted. Right now what I need to focus on is to get back into having 6 small meals a day, as my doctor recommended. I have been skipping meals lately because of some family issues that require my constant attention. I will try your tips and hopefully, all will be well soon.

  4. I find that after a long weekend I’m often having to reset my routine.i have gone with the flow a few times, I’m just impatient and like things the same and simole

  5. I think it’s awesome to have a routine that you can easily follow. Eating healthier has been one of my goals ever since last year and I’m so glad how it’s all working out.

  6. I have to reset my routine.. Thanks for sharing these useful tips! I love low calorie dairy beverage. I’ve never seen this product before. Can’t wait to try it out.

  7. I definitely need a reset in my routine. In fact, I need a routine. It’s hard to have one when you have kids because things always come up.

  8. We love coffee here, hubby and I both start our day off with it. Neither of us uses sugar but we do use flavored creamer.

  9. I have my coffee every morning and it is my life saver most days. I have never tried the Hood creamer but I am watching my calories avoiding sugar so this sounds like it would be a perfect creamer to use.

  10. I personally enjoyed spring break in our house. It meant that I wasn’t mom taxi and I didn’t have to wake up before 7am. I’m a night owl and 7am is too early.

  11. I wish I liked coffee! I love the smell though. I’ll have to tell my mom about Calorie Countdown.

  12. It is definitely hard to change a routine. I find the only time of ever really able to change my routine is when we move to a new house. It is for some reason much easier to start a whole new routine at a different house. I really like what you mentioned here and I definitely to have to take some of this to heart so that I can change my routine without having to move LOL.

  13. This looks like a delicious drink. I never saw it in the store but I think I’ll look more closely now. I would love to try it.

  14. I love milk but my body isn’t processing milk sugars any more. This looks delicious and maybe something I could drink. I understand about the reset. I need to figure that out too.

  15. I would love the calorie countdown as it looks even better than regular milk. I also avoid sugar in my coffee and is getting used with using a few cream and sugar on my coffee.

  16. Sugar has always been a hard thing for me to let go of, personally! I’ve done it for long stretches, but my sweet tooth always wins in the end. I’m working on it though!

  17. When your a mom with young kids at home especially there isn’t always a set routine. My routine is pretty set now that we are retired and there is just the two of us.

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