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How to Refresh Your Grill in 4 Steps

It’s that the time of year when people are craving grilled food. The weather is warming up and depending on where you live it could already feel like summer. In fact, this weekend we had 97 degree temperatures so Saidah and I gave the grill a quick tune up.

I think this may be our first time firing it up this year so it needed some TLC after the long winter outdoors.

I’ve grilled just about every summer my entire adult life because it’s what we do in the south.

To help you get your gently used grill in tip top shape I have 4 key tips for you.


A thorough inspection of the grill is imperative to make sure that its up for the challenge. Grill inspection doesn’t take long but it is just as important as everything else. Your grill should be looked over from top to bottom for any visual problems. I also like to lift and move it to check for sturdiness.

How to Refresh Your Grill in 4 Steps

How to Refresh Your Grill in 4 Steps

How to Refresh Your Grill in 4 Steps


After the initial inspection, it is time for the repairs. There were a few screws loose on my grill that needed to be tightened. Once they were tight, I prepped the grill for painting.


I remove the used charcoal, water, and debris from inside of the grill. The grates were also removed and cleaned. They need to be free of rust or old stuck on food. Using a duster, I wiped my grill down to remove dust and cobwebs from the outside.

How to Refresh Your Grill in 4 Steps


Next, I used spray paint to cover rust and make it look shiny. I used a high heat tolerant spray paint making sure the can was 6-8 inches away from the surface when spraying.

Too close and the paint will create drips. The distance can be adjusted but the key is to make sure that have a nice even coat or two of paint.

How to Refresh Your Grill in 4 Steps

Within 24 hours I’d refreshed my old grill and was ready to fire it up. I would have preferred a new grill, but if I can’t have a shiny new toy an old shiny one will have to do.

How to Refresh Your Grill in 4 Steps

How to Refresh Your Grill in 4 Steps

We’re a pretty busy family so my grilling time takes a hit these days, but that’s isn’t going to stop me from being prepared when there’s time available to burn. Our schedule changes from week to week, so I usually only know a day or two advance  if I can light it up so I want my grill in tip top shape. Like the old saying goes, “you ain’t got to get ready if you stay ready”!

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