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How to Raise Entrepreneurs

My name is Saidah and I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve been one for the last decade and I have four children who are also entrepreneurs. My oldest daughter can make a dollar out of $0.15 cents and my oldest son flipped his intelligence into over a half a million dollars in college scholarships including a full scholarship to Princeton University. Even my two teens make money using their gifts and talents. They are both self employed as my social media coordinators plus they make an extra $50 to $100 a month taking surveys. All of my kids have hustle and a strong work ethic not because they are special kids, but because my husband and I raise them with those qualities in mind.How to Raise Entrepreneurs

There is so much I would like to tell you about raising entrepreneurs, but today I will focus on the power of taking your kids to work. Taking your kids to work is not just a concept for parents with 9 to 5 jobs, but also and especially for entrepreneurs. My children have been working alongside me for over a decade now. All they know is their mom being an entrepreneur. They vaguely remember their dad working a traditional job when they were very little so entrepreneurship is in their DNA now.Subscribe to

I’m a legit income earning Content Creator and Business Coach with ten years of experience building my brand. I use my creative expertise to generate revenue and have always sought out ways to include my children. Each of my children bring a unique gifting to the table which I gladly compensate them for. For example, when I did a live television segment on WACH FOX 57 I took my youngest daughter with me.

How to Raise Entrepreneurs

She’s the most skilled at photography and event staging. She’s very in tune with the scope of work required for a television segment because she helps me with photos, staging and videos when I’m working from home.How to Raise Entrepreneurs

The experience not only allowed her to earn money, but experience and exposure. She was literally gushing at the opportunity to be in the studio/newsroom of her local news station and see face to face the folks she sees on television. The experience would not have had the same impact on my other children but I knew it would be exciting for my daughter.

Giving my children the opportunity to see their parents using their gifts and talents to make a living gives them permission to accept that they can be entrepreneurs as well. All of my children currently demonstrate their entrepreneurial capabilities and each has a stream of income they tap into at their leisure. They are under no pressure to make money, but they do it because they enjoy the freedom income provides them.

One of my favorite verses in Provers 31 and the first part says…She is not afraid of the snow for her household. What this means is she is a women who has prepared her family for the winter season. The season when there is no harvest and no sowing. As Christ following mother it is my duty to prepare my children for the financial changes of life such as job loss, a tough economy or becoming a one income household to start a family. I don’t ever want my children to be fearful of not having a job or to feel like working a job is their only option. It is my duty to expose my children to every opportunity that will help them tap into their full potential and maximize the talents they were given. In our home entrepreneurship is a normal part of life and taking our children with us along the process is how we’ve made the idea of entrepreneurship a reality for our children.

How to Raise Entrepreneurs

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