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How to Plan a Facial Pampering Day for Your Teens

Today’s fun facial pampering day for your teens tutorial is sponsored. All opinions are mine alone.

Becoming a mom is one of the best decisions I ever made and having daughters is like having younger best friends for life. 
I get to do all kinds of fun stuff with my youngest girl, and love teaching her how to be an awesome young lady.

She’s going on fourteen and everytime I looking at her it’s like looking in a mirror. She has a beautiful smile and flawless skin, and a ton of confidence. She’s not really moved by what people think about her unless it’s positive.

She takes after me in a lot of ways, including having naturally healthy skin. To make sure it stays that way, I’m always encouraging her to take care of it by keeping it clean.

She’s been using bar soap and drugstore facial products here and there but hasn’t really formed a consistent habit.

Since she’s begun wearing a little bit of makeup, I want to encourage her to pay a little more attention to caring for her skin. 

While she was out of town on spring break, I stopped by Walmart and bought the new three step AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy line for her which includes a Acne Wash, Acne Pads and Complexion Perfecting Cream. I also bought her the Sonic Advanced Cleansing Duo purifying facial cleansing brush to gently massage and deep clean her pores.  

When she got home, I surprised her with mommy daughter facial time. I wanted to use the final days of spring break to connect with her and reinforce healthy hygiene habits.

I called her into my “she cave” where I had her facial station set up. We were able to sit down and do some of what she loves which is taking selfies and hanging out with me. She wants to be an actress, singer, dancer, model and blogger so anytime I can include her on my blog I do. She is super photogenic, kind hearted and nurturing. I learn so much from being her mom and she has no idea the impact she has on me. 

We had such a great time hanging out while I watched her get used to her facial cleansing routine. 

We were having so much fun, my son wanted to know what we were doing. I asked him if he wanted to get a facial and being such a manly guy like his dad, he was opposed to it at first, but when I explained it’s just cleaning, toning and moisturizing he gave in.  

I enjoyed connecting with my kids over the spring break holiday and am happy that both my teens have a quick and easy facial routine. Take a look at their step-by-step routine below.

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    The first thing they do is dampen their faces, apply the AcneFree wash and massage for 60 seconds. Then they thoroughly rinse to remove dirt and oil. 

    Next, they clean and tightens their pores by gently wiping any trouble spots on their faces with the soothing menthol acne pad. These pads were my favorite part of the three step process. They leave your face feeling tingly and cool.

    Finally, they gently smoothed the lightweight Complexion Perfecting Cream over their faces and necks.

    My son was so surprised at how quick the process was. This simple nighttime routine will give them time to wind down from a busy day, gather their thoughts and prepare to rest up for the next day.

    By teaching my teens to take time to care for themselves, I hope to instill a sense a confidence, as go out into the world each day.

    My teens have been consistently using the AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy line since I bought it and love how quickly they can go through the steps before school and before bed. If you have teens, we encourage you to plan a fun facial day with them. The full line of AcneFree products are available on the cosmetics aisle at Walmart. 

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