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How to Plan a Backyard Game Day + 3 DIY Games

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My husband and I planned an amazing backyard game day last weekend to celebrate the moms in our family. The goal was to allow the moms relax and encourage the kids to have fun outdoors. All of the backyard games would inspired from a time before video games became so popular.


Guess what? 

We nailed it and I’m going to show you how we pulled it together.

Since we’d have a pretty big crowd, I headed to Sam’s Club for food and drinks. I bought three cases of SunnyD 24ct. 6.75oz. bottles in the Tangy Original flavor.

Not only did I use the juice, but I used the carton as well.

One of the games we had at our backyard bash was lawn tic-tac-toe. Using the SunnyD cardboard carton, I made X and O game pieces.

I used white craft paint to create six game pieces.

Before everyone arrived, I spray painted a tic-tac-toe game board on the grass using white spray paint. Don’t worry about it being permanent. It will disappear after a few mows.

Another awesome diy game was the outdoor bowling with do it yourself bowling pins.

To make them, I used SunnyD bottles filled with water. I then painted the entire bottle white and allowed it to dry. Once dry, I painted a stripe of red around the neck of the bottle.

The kids used a tennis ball as a bowling ball and set up the bowling alley on the lower deck we built last summer.


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The final backyard game, and one that was the biggest hit is the ring toss game. Using a scrap piece of wood, paint and markers I put a DIY spin on an old favorite.

I created the bottle the same as with the bowling pins, but left off the red stripe. I used some left over red paint to create a banner, then using a permanent marker, wrote the name of the game and the point values for each bottle.

My grandson played ring toss the entire time he was here which was about four hours. He was so thrilled with it, I let him take it home.

After games we sat down, ate and enjoyed each others company.

Once our bellies were full, I brought out some dessert I’d made using SunnyD. It was just a simple orange creamsicle.

Everyone loved them, especially this cute little guy.



We had such an amazing time and I enjoyed sharing my weekend with you.


What was your favorite outdoor game as a child?

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30 thoughts on “How to Plan a Backyard Game Day + 3 DIY Games

  1. Oh my goodness, what a fun party! I think I'm going to have to try those creamsicles, too. I'm glad you all enjoyed your weekend party! #client

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    I love the idea of a game day too.

  17. Rane when I was younger they were called Sunny Delight so my daughter looks at me weird when I call them that.

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