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How to plan a Backyard BBQ & FAMILY Game day from start to finish

Having a strategy for planning a Backyard BBQ & FAMILY Game day from start to finish will save you time and headache. Today’s post is a sponsored post written in partnership with EDY’S® Ice-Cream. All opinions are mine alone.

One thing I hear the most from people after reading my blog posts is how simple I make things look. Whether planning recipes, parties or diy’s, my goal is to share them with you in a way that inspires you to give them a try.

One of my favorite things to plan is fun time with my family. Backyard bbq’s and games have been a central theme to us connecting because it lets each of us pitch in. All of us helping out is what makes for a fun, relaxing backyard bbq.

I’m going to show you how simple it is to pull together.


How to plan a Backyard BBQ & FAMILY Game day from start to finish

1. Make a list of what you will eat and do. Grab a sheet of paper or download and print my party planner to help you get started. When choosing your menu, decor and activities, keep it simple.


2. Choose, shop for and prepare summer friendly food. This is a great time to try some of your favorite grilled meals and summer desserts. No indoor cooking allowed. Fire up the grill then follow up your meal with EDY’S® Ice-Cream served in bowls or cones.

If you want to create something special you can use EDY’S® SLOW CHURNED® Caramel Delight Light Ice Cream, EDY’S® SLOW CHURNED® Vanilla Light Ice Cream, cones and candy to create an ice cream bar. If that’s to challenging, just serve the  ice cream with cupcakes.


3. Choose a fun family activity. I usually let the kids choose the activity. It can be games, the pool or even heading indoors after eating for movies. The goal is finding something to do together as a family.
4. Have fun. When I first began planning things with my family I would get stressed out trying to make everything perfect. Nowadays, I keep it simple. The best way to do that is, get everyone involved, incorporate store bought menu items made with real ingredients like EDY’S® Ice-Cream. EDY’S® is made with fresh milk & cream, no rBST, artificial colors or flavors.




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