How to Organize Your Monthly Cash Budget

I try to spend cash as much as possible and stay within my budget. I find it easier to stick to my budget by keeping my cash organized in and accordion file.

This way I never forget what money is designated to what household category.
Take a look at the video I made explaining how I organize my monthly cash budget.
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What are your budgeting, couponing or organizing challenges? I’ve been doing this since 2008 and would love to share some tips with you. 

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    • It can take time for a spouse to get on board. My husband and I weren't always on the same page. I honestly used to sneak and save money here and there. I'd spend less on groceries, hygiene and call and ask for discounts on bills. Once I started showing him how much I'd saved, he came around with time.

    • Early on I did redistribute money from one section to another, so it does take discipline. Now it's not an issue since we don't carry debt except our mortgage, we are able to save more and budget appropriately for each category.

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