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How to Organize Your Coffee Bar

How to Organize Your Coffee Bar
I absolutely love being a homemaker and working from home because it’s like getting to play house every day as a grown up. This week I wanted to create a dedicated space for my coffee and supplies. It needed to be an organized, cheery and a fun space to make my hot beverages in the mornings. I broke the process down into several easy steps.

Decide on a location
I don’t like to keep many appliances on my countertops so I opted to create my coffee bar at our dining room buffet. I needed a space that was pretty wide to store my coffee maker and supplies. The first thing I did was brainstorm what I absolutely had to have at the coffee bar to make it functional and then I started figuring out how to store it in a way that didn’t look cluttered.

Choose your storage
I wanted everything to be pretty visible at my coffee bar just like it would be at a hotel so I used labeled glass containers. I used these Ball wide mouth jars to store extra coffee and sugar. These clear glass bottles with stoppers are perfect for extra water for my coffee maker. A metal letter sorter was the perfect size to keep my coffee packets neat while white platters were a simple place to corral mugs and k-cups.
How to Organize Your Coffee Bar
How to Organize Your Coffee Bar
How to Organize Your Coffee Bar
How to Organize Your Coffee Bar
Stocking your coffee bar
I want everything I need for a cup of coffee, hot cocoa or tea without having to go to the kitchen so I stocked my coffee bar with some of my favorite white and gold mugs. I also keep these 10oz glass mugs and 15oz glass mugs at my coffee bar for my husband and kids.

How to Organize Your Coffee Bar

How to Organize Your Coffee Bar How to Organize Your Coffee Bar

Make it user-friendly
The last thing I wanted to do is make my coffee bar user-friendly for my family and guest. To do that, I printed out instructions for brewing a cup of Caffe Latte using the Keurig 575 Programable coffee maker. Having the instructions printed in a pretty frame is super helpful.

How to Organize Your Coffee Bar
How to Organize Your Coffee Bar

Organizing my coffee bar was one of the highlights of my week. Having my favorite mugs and yummy coffee here waiting in the morning makes me so happy.
How to Organize Your Coffee Bar
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25 thoughts on “How to Organize Your Coffee Bar

  1. Amazing!! My coffee bar doubles as a wine bar. Basically the two necessities to get me through the day! 🙂

    1. I like the glass mugs because you can see what you have in there and then we dress your beverage with whip cream or frothy milk it looks really pretty.

  2. What a fun idea! I dont drink coffee but my husband does and I think this would be a really cute idea. Especially If we had the space for it! – jeanine

  3. Love this! One day maybe I will have a coffee bar again! We had a fabulous set up when we lived in the states. I miss it so much.

  4. I have to have this at home. Everything is within reach and I can have my coffee without having to go back and forth into the kitchen! Great idea for a party too. I'm bookmarking this for reference.

    1. This is actually a great idea for a party if you're having friends over. You could substitute out the coffee for any kind of beverage and just set up your cups and everything that you need to make the beverage.

  5. Omg love this!!! I so need to make a coffee bar in my house!!!!! You're now giving me so many ideas lol

    1. Having everything set up by this makes it super easy for my kids to grab a mug and make them some hot cocoa in the morning or my husband can make some tea or coffee.

  6. Love this! What a fun spot to have in the house 🙂

  7. Loving those pretty mugs and how you have your coffee bar set up. That was the first thing I did when we moved into our house!

    1. Isn't it great having a coffee station already set up in the morning so you can just grab you a cup of coffee and start your day?

  8. Oh this would make my mornings so much better! I need a coffee bar in my house

    1. It's true. Now I'm not fumbling around in the morning in a fog trying to find the things I need to make a cup of coffee. Everything is right here in one spot.

  9. This is an absolutely wonderful idea. I don't have much counter space, but do have a butcher block that would be perfect for a coffee bar!

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