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How to Organize Pocketbooks

 Fall will be here before we know it so I’m using this time of transition to prepare my closet for the new season. 
One thing I did was clean out my closet. I went through and took out anything I didn’t love and also anything I hadn’t worn in a while.
The clean-out included not just purging clothes, but accessories too.
I found a few pocketbooks I just didn’t love and decided to pass them on to someone who’d use them. 

 After purging my closet I decided to revamp my pocketbook organization system

My pocketbooks still hang in my closet like before but they now hang on these cute dove shower hooks I bought at Target.

My word!!!! How cute are they? 
I am so in love with how cute this looks in my closet and how functional the hooks are.

Do you want to see more posts sharing how I organize things?

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1 thought on “How to Organize Pocketbooks

  1. Saidah, I think that is a great way to organized your purses! I was just thinking of ways to organize mine, an "low and behold", your email came through. Thank you for this idea. I will head over to Target to find some fancy hooks.-Theresa

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