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How To Organize a Nightstand or End Table

Remember those Campaigner Nightstands I found at the Goodwill and restored? 

(click to see the complete makeover)

I’ve been meaning to show you how I organize them when I was using them as nightstand tables, but never got around to it. I did create a mini tutorial on Instagram, but wanted to go a little more in depth with a real video.

At this point, I’ve moved them out of my bedroom into my living room. After remodeling and rearranging our bedroom, we found that these Nightstands no longer fit beside our bed. 

The space where our bed is now is too narrow, so for now they’ve been moved to the living room.

Now that our bedroom floors are installed, I’ll be sharing an update on our bedroom, but today let’s take a look inside my nightstand drawers.

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Now, I want to know what one weird thing you keep in your nightstand drawer and is your drawer organized?

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11 thoughts on “How To Organize a Nightstand or End Table

  1. I seem to be able to keep my nightstand organized. I charge my phone and keep my headphones on teh top for when I listen to books at night.

  2. I like to have containers inside my drawers to keep thing from rolling around and keep them from getting lost or disorganized.

  3. Organization is not my strong point. Ha. I really like how you have containers in your end tables to neatly store things. Sometimes I just don't know where to place things. I'm actually looking to become more minimalist in my living – removing the clutter and getting rid of things I don't use.

    I have mostly books in my nightstand — nothing too weird. Ha.

  4. Mine is a cutter shack! I so need to organize my bed room!

  5. I love that you brought the same bathroom organization I have to your nightstand! I have two small drawers on mine, side by side, but I can use some dividers and better "purging" of the junk that's creeped in!

  6. My night stand oh boy… It's filled with wires and cables of cell phones and devices I no longer use!

  7. Great tips, I would never open my end tables for the public to view Great organizaio

  8. Great tips on the night stand. Great night stand too.

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