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How to Organize Coupons | Whole Insert Method

 How to Organize Your Coupons | Whole Insert Method


There are many methods for organizing coupons but the whole insert method is my favorite.

Organizing your coupons using the whole insert method is the least time consuming.

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Some say that you can miss out on deals organizing your coupons this way. To them I say, you’re going to miss out on deals no matter which way you organize you inserts.

In fact, my goal is not to get every deal any way.

I don’t carry a coupon binder in the store…EVER. That’s just not what I do. Based on my couponing experience, I don’t think it’s necessary.
I love to coupon but I don’t want to spend all of my waking hours managing coupons. Using the whole insert method, it takes me about 15 minutes to file my coupons each week and 1 hour to gather them for my shopping trip.

1. You’ll need something to store your inserts in.


 2. Each time you get new inserts separate each like insert into it’s own pile. 

Then place the date on just the first insert in each pile.


Now begin filing in your preferred method. I gove examples of each below.


If you are using a binder for storage, place each like insert into its’ own page protector inside of the binder.


Magazine File If you are using magazine files I suggest using one for each month. 


I also suggest using top tab dividers to keep each week of the month separated within the magazine file. 



Accordion File
If you are using a large accordion file, simply use one section for a weekends worth of inserts.

Additional Tips:

  • Some people like to print off what’s called an coupon insert preview. It’s simply a list of the coupons scheduled to come in each weeks insert.

  • I find this to be time consuming and ineffective since coupons are regional and you may not have every coupon on the list.

  • If you do print the list to file with each weeks inserts I suggest matching what’s on the list with what’s in your insert and writing on your list any coupons you find that are not on the list.

  • Another way to see what coupons you have at a glance is to take one of each weeks insert and clip it in it’s entirety. Then take all of the coupons and file them in a baseball card holder in front of the weeks inserts.

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