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How to Make Your Own Cash Envelopes

One of the easiest ways I found to prevent over spending is by using a cash envelope system. I started using this system years ago and it’s helped my better manage my budget.

You can most certainly buy cash envelopes, but what sense does that make when you can easily create your own.

Let me show you how easy it was to make mine.

In my Cash Envelope System video, I show you exactly how I make mine and some of the budget categories where I use cash only.

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    16 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Cash Envelopes

    1. Wow this is an awesome way to keep track! I wouldn't have thought of it, but with this post now I will give this a go. Thank you!

    2. The envelope system is a great way to become more conscious about what you're spending money on it. Most of us don't like to hand over actual cash.

    3. Using cash envelopes is really a very good way to keep track of what you are spending or not spending. I love tha you make your own envelopes!

    4. That does look pretty easy to do. I'm thinking of implementing this for my family next year.

    5. Cash envelopes is a great way to control spending and re-focus your finances. And with cash you really feel the pain of the purchases too! I really liked the video.

    6. So creative, I would have never thought of this but totally makes sense for budgeting. And paying cash for everything, well that will definitely keep you out a debt which is a great thing 😉

    7. That's a great idea for budgeting and keeping money going where it needs to 🙂

    8. This is a great idea. I currently have my bank account separated, but using cash only would be a lot better because then it is STRICT!

    9. What a great idea! I am going to try this for sure!

    10. We have used the envelope system for the entire 11 years of marriage. I cannot say enough great things about it…but your envelopes are much cuter than mine:)

    11. One of my blog friends used this very method to become debt-free. Now they can afford all kinds of vacations for their large family and it's always paid for!

    12. Great Idea. This is how my Mum did all her budgeting. Such a simple but highly effective system. Everyone needs to do this, as they honestly if they did they would have far more control over their finances WELL DONE on bringing this to everyone.

    13. I never thought of Cash envelopes, didnt even know about them. So if I were to try it, I would of course create my own, with your awesome tutorial. Thanks for sharing Saidah

    14. You are so creative. I would rather make my own than buy cash envelopes.

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