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How To Make a Yarn Tassel Banner

One of the reason I love having my own office is because I get to decorate it as often as I like.

In every other part of my house, I compromise on the decor, but in my office, I have complete creative control.

To spruce up my space for spring and Easter, I made an easy yarn tassel banner. To make it all I used was brightly colored yarn.

Using a card as a guide, I began wrapping the yarn until I achieved the thickness I was looking for. Then using a length of yarn longer than my tassel, I threaded it through the tassel horizontally and tied of the top.

This will be what you’ll use to hang your tassel. After tying to top, I cut the bottom of the tassel.

Next, I used another piece of yarn (make sure it’s longer than your tassel) I wrapped it vertically around the top about and inch below where I threaded my first piece through.  

I wrap it around about two times, then knot it. Take the remaining length of yarn and smooth it into your tassel. 

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Now you’ll need to trim the bottom of your tassel to even everything out.

Your finished tassel will look something like this. Using the board from my office, I hung alternating colored tassels at different lengths. 

I adore how cute this turned out and it was so easy to make.


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