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How to Make a Valentine’s Day Ribbon Banner

I’m popping in to share a super-duper-easy-frugal tutorial with you guys. I wanted to encourage my daughters creative side so I challenged her to make a banner using some leftover ribbon from our $50 Valentine’s Day Party

I told her she’d need to create the banner, style the pictures and take the pictures for this tutorial. She used her brother’s new phone to take the pictures, on a dreary day, and I think she did pretty good for her first time. 

let me know what you guys think in the comment section.

So here’s her first shot showing you what she used.  

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We picked this stuff up on sale at a craft store and nothing costed over two dollars.

The ribbon she used has wire woven into it and that makes it easy to shape it. Using strips of ribbon, she folded the bottom ends under first. 

Then she folded the top ends over a piece of red thread. There’s no need to hot glue anything unless you want your folded ends to lay completely flat. 

Once she had all of the ribbons on the thread, we hung the banner on a shelf in my office. This isn’t the ubber cute shelf I just made over. This is actually a shelf on the other side of my office.

I’m in the process of seeing how my kids will help me with my blogs over the summer. I’m not in the mood to have them sit around and veg out on video games. 

I have some activities planned, but I still work during the summer and them being home costs money plus they get noisy. I think finding ways for them to pitch in and make some coin will be good for them.

I’m planning to have my oldest son help out with social media and bookkeeping. There’s some scheduling tasks I’m confident he can handle. Plus, it’s time for him to get more detailed experience in money management. Right now he only manages his bank account.

My youngest son will be on the cleanup crew. My office is usually a wreck after creating a recipe and craft posts. Props, backdrops and lighting have to be put away so he’ll be paid for that.

My daughter who is super creative like me, will be helping with image editing, photography and photo shoot styling. She’s a perfect fit for that.

So there you have it!! My daughters first experience helping me create a post. 

How’d she do? 
Should I hire her over the summer or not?
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21 thoughts on “How to Make a Valentine’s Day Ribbon Banner

  1. This is so beautiful & the colors are really amazing. And I can see it is so easy to do as well. These are really cute creative decor works for Valentine's day & I am sure kids are going to love it.

    1. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on such a short holiday so inexpensive crafts like this help brighten my office.

  2. Your daughter's banner came out adorable! I love all of your Valentine's Day decor! And, I think it's great that you are already planning ways to keep your kids engaged with what you'll be doing this summer!

    1. Thank you Jessica. I stumbled on a too good to be true Valentine's Day sale. Everything was 70% off.

  3. Oh Valentine's Day! I would love you if …….. I had a love in my life. Oh wait, I do, however… It's complicated. Look like I will have to gift him with an "I… Well, It's Complicated" card! AH HA HA!

  4. It's really cute…I have the same paperstraws:)

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