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How to Make Stenciled Placemats for Any Occasion

Ever since I was little I can remember how creating something gave me so much joy. There’s something about seeing an idea in your head, gathering the materials or information and making it become a reality. That’s what happened when I decided to make these stenciled placemats. I needed some for the holidays and didn’t want to buy any. I knew I had some leftover canvas drop cloth from the time when I made these stenciled curtains for my dining room I could use. I also have a bunch of stencils and paint so I got to searching the internet to get some ideas for text placement. Once I knew what I wanted the placemats to look like I got to work.

Placemats are typically rectangular so to keep with that theme I made mine 14 inches wide by 20 inches long. Since part of that would be fringed I wanted to make sure I still had ample space in the center for a full place setting.

After the rectangles were cut, I began pulling threads from the perimeter to create a fringed effect. This step takes a little patience and can get messy. I recommend having a trash can on hand to throw away the strings especially if you have carpet.

If you’ve never done this fringe technique before let me tell you how easy it is. When I was a teen, we’d cut our jeans into shorts and create fringes at the cut line when that was a thing. Clothing designers are doing the same thing when they cut holes in jeans as give them that frayed edge look. Starting from the right side of your placenta, begin pulling the vertical threads away from the horizontal ones. You’ll have to pull out the vertical thread from the top to the bottom. Keep repeating the process until your fringe has the depth you’re looking for. I wanted mine to be about a half inch wide on all sides.

Next I got started on the fun part. Stenciling is one of those things you’re all excited about doing and seeing the result, but you can be very disappointed if your not careful. If you sing stencil properly you’ll end up with bleeding and that just messy. Bleeding is when the paint spreads outside of the stencil area which is especially easy to do when working with fabric. To prevent bleeding you want to first use the correct paint brush for the project. For fabric stenciling I recommend sponge brushes (Amazon Link). The absorb the paint best and give you more control over how much you apply with each dab.

To start, press down firmly near the letter you’re stenciling. Start dabbing lightly at first to see how much coverage you get. From them adjust the pressure and begin filling in the stencil area.

I like to immediately remove the stencil once I’m done. If I’m stenciling a word, I stencil the entire word first before lifting up the stencil.

Repeating these steps I created a total of six placemats in 30-minutes with the words “bless” and “live” on them. Once the paint was dry I evened the fringed edges with scissors.
I didn’t take the time to iron mine before snapping these pictures. I was so pleased with my results, I wanted to see them on my table. To make sure your placemats look neat with your table setting on top of them, definitely iron them.

The extra’s I made will be used for guests or on my dining room buffet. The neutral fabric and the words just breathe life into this space for me and add another level of joy to my home.

If you decide to tackle this DIY Stenciled Placemat project, make sure you tag me on social media using #ApronsAndStilletosDIY. I want to see what you decide to stencil on yours and what creative variations you come up with. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe and pin any image from this tutorial to your DIY Pinterest board.Subscribe to

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  1. These are adorable! And so simple maybe even I could do it! Thanks for sharing!

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