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How to Make a Perfume Tray

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I’m just going to let it be known, that if you buy me a fragrance gift I’m going to love it. 

It’s my mother’s fault. She started buying me perfume and jewelry as gifts at a young age and it always stuck with me.

I remember the first jewelry box she bought me from the mall that had my name on it. It was so pretty and made me feel feminine and girly. Her gifting style rubbed off on me, because as an adult, I tend to buy the girls in my family the same kinds of gifts. 

All of the girls are getting some kind of age appropriate fragrance gift set as part of their gift. One of my favorite fragrances are from the Vera Wang line. Some of her popular fragrances right now are Signature, Princess, Forever Vera, Lovestruck, Bejeweled and Embrace. 

They all come in pretty packaging, but instead of just handing over the gift set, I personalized it with a real easy to make perfume tray.  

I used a picture frame or you can use a framed mirror. I also used poster board, silver glitter, Mod Podge, Bling on a Rope and a hot glue gun.

The first thing I did is remove the hanging hook from the frame, the cardboard backing, paper and matte.

I then used the matte to trace a rectangle to fit the frame, from a piece of poster board. 

Next, I cut out the rectangle and began covering it with silver glitter. I covered the poster board with Mod Podge section by section and sprinkled on some glitter.

When I was a girl, I loved everything that sparkled. Some of my favorite memories were jewelry my mom had bought me. She always bought me something with a stone in it. Whether a pearl necklace with two diamond flanking both sides or an Amethyst necklace, she just knew exactly what to get me.

I bought the women in my family jewelry last year, but still wanted and element of sparkle which is why I chose glittered poster board as the base for this perfume tray.

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    I let the glitter dry for about an hour. While it did, I hot glued a strip of Bling on a Rope around the edge of the picture frame. Then I inserted the the glittered poster board and cardboard backing.

    This is how I imagine the perfume tray will be used. I think it’s just a feminine place to display perfumes and favorite jewelry pieces.

    I have never had a hard time buying for the girls in my family. My mom made sure of that in the way she gave me gifts as a little girl. 

    It’s always a relief when shopping for the girls in my family. I give them gifts that they can use more than once, are easy for me to shop for and leave a lasting impression.

    Trying to find the perfect gift can be stressful, but Coty holiday gift sets take the stress out of gift giving. They have lot’s of scents for both men and women and they’re easy to find in so many stores.

    You can find Vera Wang’s Signature, Princess, Forever Vera, Lovestruck, Bejeweled and Embrace at your local Walgreen’s store in the Cosmetics Department.

    Be sure to check out more gifting ideas at and more of my tutorials. I’d love to hear about your favorite gift as a child!

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    1. This is a fantastic idea! I love how easy it is and completly personalized. [client]

    2. So creative! I totally don't have a crafty creative bone in my body!

    3. So cool!! This is gorgeous. I need to get into DIY more. It seems to be very calming and enjoyable. 🙂

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