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How to Make an Extra Special Pocket Letter

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I’ve been a planner for a long time now and I always encourage people who feel unorganized to give it a try. When I became a stay at home wife and mom, one of the first things I implemented was the use of a homemaking binder to organize my time.

One of the best things you can do when setting up your binder is to stock it with things you use often.  

Things like pens, paper, clips, stickers, etc. should be stored somewhere inside of or close to your binder. One of the ways I keep small stationary items and planning knickknacks nearby is by using pocket letter style storage.

What’s a Pocket Letter?

“Pocket Letters are penpal letters in pocket format. Basically, you fill all the pockets of a 9 pocket Page Protector and send the whole page to someone who wants to swap or to your existing penpal”. source:

This is the first Pocket Letter I ever made and it’s for my daughters planner. I wanted it to be filled with not only letters, but fun stuff she could use while planning. I gathered up some stationary and snacks I knew she’d like and started mapping out what I wanted in each pocket. 

For the snacks, I used Extra® Gum. I bought these neat new Extra® Gum 35-stick packages from CVS that I found near the checkout. 

They come in a really durable recycled packaging which I repurposed to store my mini sticky notes. 

Here’s what I used for this project. 

Pocket Letter supplies:

  • a flat snack: I used Extra® Gum Spearmint in and Polar Ice®.
  • 9 pocket baseball card holder
  • craft paper
  • stickers
  • planner supplies: paper clips, page flags, sticky notes, etc.
  • double sided tape
  • a handwritten letter

My goal is the give her an extra incentive to organize her home and school tasks.


1. Cut rectangles from the craft paper to fit inside of the nine pockets. I used alternating patterns when choosing my craft paper to break up the color.

2. Choose six Extra® Gum flavors and attach two pieces of gum per craft paper using double sided tape.

To make the gum look decorative, I used washi tape to cover each stick of gum.

3. For the remaining pockets, attach different stationary supplies like sticky notes and stickers to the craft paper.

Once all of the craft paper rectangles have a surprise attached, place them inside of the pockets in whatever order you like.

4. Finally, write a note or several notes to your pocket letter recipient. Fold them and stick them in the pockets behind the craft paper.

I loved this project because it allowed me to combine my love of crafting with planning and create something useful for my daughter. 

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