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How to Make an An Easy One Pot Arroz Con Pollo

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I originally learned how to make Arroz Con Pollo from my cousins god mother. I was living with my aunt at this time when the god mother taught me. She was of Puerto Rican decent so trust me when I tell you this recipe is authentic.

How to Make an An Easy One Pot Arroz Con Pollo

Between the god mother, her four kids, my aunt, her two daughters, my brother and I, we made up a household of ten people. When you’re feeding that many people you want to make meals that are filling, inexpensive and easy. 

Since then I’ve made this recipe countless times for my own family and over the years, I’ve made some changes to fit my husband’s tastebuds.

I now make it spicy by adding cayenne pepper. I also no longer add Sofrito. Sofrito is sautéed mix of tomato, onion, green peppers, cilantro and garlic in Olive Oil that creates thick cooking base for beans, soups, stews and rice dishes.

My husband doesn’t eat onions, garlic or tomato so I don’t use it. If you want to experiment with the recipe you can buy the Sofrito I use to use in a jar.

How to Make an An Easy One Pot Arroz Con Pollo

I cooked this entire dish in a Cuisinart 3.5qt. Chef’s Classic Aluminum Non-Stick Pan

How to Make an An Easy One Pot Arroz Con Pollo

The pan is my go to for one pot dishes because it’s deep enough to cook 4 cups of rice, it keeps an even cooking temperature and nothing ever sticks.

Using the Cuisinart 3.5qt. Chef’s Classic Aluminum Non-Stick Pan reduces my cooking and cleanup time which makes cooking more enjoyable. The even cooking surface helps my chicken brown faster and water boil quicker. Plus, after cooking the non stick pan requires no soaking or scrubbing. The only drawback is that this line of cookware must be hand washed to maintain its quality. The 17 piece set was on sale the last I checked. Just click on the $38.96 off coupon before checking out.

 Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Aluminum Non-Stick Pans

Homemaking Tip: Good food begins and ends with a great kitchen tools and a great recipe! Invest in kitchen tools that make it easier for you to prepare dishes you love.

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