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How to Make a Fresh Mango Salsa

I’ve wanted to share this recipe with you for so long, but with so many delicious recipes to share, and so little time, it got pushed to the bottom of my list for a while.

You’re going to want to pin this recipe and share it with your community especially after making it. If you like layers of flavors in your dishes, homemade salsa are a way to accomplish that.

This salsa has a sweet and spicy component made possible with the addition of the mango and red onion. Then there is the crunch factor achieved by pairing the red onion with red bell pepper in this recipe.

How to Make a Fresh Mango Salsa

Tips for making Mango Salsa.

I remember when I first started making salsas at home. I didn’t realize a few things that I’ve learned with time.

  1. Always choose the firmest tomatoes when making salsa.
  2. Always sharpen your knife before dicing your tomatoes so you get firm little squares, not mushy ones.
  3. Always toss your salsa in lime juice. The acid in it is your friend and will make the colors and flavors in your salsa pop!

After making my very first homemade salsa, I knew I’d prefer it over jarred salsa for then on. Jarred salsa pales in comparison to the crispy crunch and bold flavor of fresh produce salsa.

How to use Mango Salsa.

I can honestly eat it right from the bowl with a spoon as a salad, but here are some ideas for using it.

  1. Pair with nacho chips.
  2. Add as a garnish or topping on fish, tacos, or salad.
  3. Use to make a seafood Ceviche.

How to store Mango Salsa.

The best way to store Mango Salsa is in an airtight container. I like to place a paper towel in the bottom of the container to absorb the water that will seep from the produce.

The best place for produce is in the produce draw since the temperature in regulated in there. If the salsa is exposed to temperatures too cold, it will begin to soften at a faster rate.

How long will Mango Salsa last?

Mango Salsa will stay pretty firm for about three days and then start to become softer. I typically use the salsa within 3 to 5 days, because I don’t prefer soft salsa. 

I would definitely discard anywhere between 5 to 7 days.

How to Make a Fresh Mango Salsa

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How to Make a Fresh Mango Salsa
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