How To Get More Done On Wash Day

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Who would have thought that when I became and adult I’d look forward to stopping by Best Buy on the weekends? For some reason or another Germaine and I find ourselves at Best Buy to pick up a tech product or to research a major appliances purchase. Just last weekend we were there in search of a dryer because the heating element had gone out on ours.

Laundry for a family of five is a never-ending task, but with some planning is manageable. To stay on top of our laundry we do five simple things.

How To Get More Done On Wash Day

  1. We use labeled laundry baskets for each wash load.
  2. We use the end of cycle alert so we can move loads along in a timely fashion.
  3. We have a wash day every weekend.
  4. We invest in a washer and dryer that allows us to do more done in less time.

How To Get More Done On Wash Day

One of the washers that helps families to get more done in less time is LG’s TwinWash system. LG’s TwinWash system has the capability to wash two loads of laundry at once or wash a small last-minute load. For small loads that can’t wait, the dirty school uniform on a Sunday night there is the LG SideKick pedestal washer. You can use the pedestal washer alone or simultaneously while doing a bigger load up top on your LG Front load washer. Another bonus is the magnetic remote control that allows you to start, stop, or select a cycle. The remote control is a great feature especially for taller users who don’t enjoy bending down to work their washer.

How To Get More Done On Wash Day

These dual washers have mega capacity to tackle any size load, and they are energy-efficient while giving you the best cleaning performance. Having the right laundry appliances in place along with a wash day system, will make keeping your clothes clean a less daunting task.How To Get More Done On Wash Day

If you are in search of a new washer or dryer you can get up to $500 off a LG laundry solution for your home when you shop between 1/11-4/25.

How To Get More Done On Wash Day

What is your favorite feature?  How would you use these in your household?

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14 thoughts on “How To Get More Done On Wash Day

    1. Absolutely! Let me know which work for you.

  1. These are great points. I hate when I feel like nothing gets done when I have laundry to do which is often, having 4 kids. We love LG products. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. We wash clothes just about daily.

  2. Wow, that LG Twin Wash System looks great for large families. Such a time saver to do two loads of wash at the same time!

    1. I love the dual washing system too!

  3. Our laundry routine takes forever. Having 9 people in one household tends to do that. So this will be very helpful in helping us speed things up!

  4. Having a dual washing machine like this would be fantastic for so many households. We have a double drawer dishwasher but not when it comes to doing the laundry. This is something I really want to look into in order to save some time around here!

  5. Dual washers? That would be a dream come true for our family. We currently own an LG washer and dryer set and love all it does.

  6. I try to be efficient with laundry too. Our washer has a quick wash cycle that can wash an entire hamper of clothes in 28 minutes. I love it because I can get it done so quickly!

    1. I love using the quick wash too.

  7. I’d be super happy to speed up and improve my laundry routine. I think that pedestal sidekick could make a big difference. I like your advice!

    1. Agreed!

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