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How to Get Coupon Inserts in Bulk


Don’t spend and arm and a leg on newspapers when all you need are inserts.Having 10 or more inserts each week will help you to quickly and inexpensively build your stockpile.

To get your newspapers as cheaply as possible try the following.
1. Search Facebook, IG and Google for reputable insert sellers.
2. Better yet ask another online couponer to recommend a trusted insert seller.
3. Communicate with other couponers you see in your local stores. Ask them where they get their coupons.
4. Find out when the newspaper delivery people drop off their excess paper to the recycling locations. Grab the ones they dump. (this is illegal in some states)
Are you a long time couponer? What would you suggest?
I pay for most of my couponing using extra money. If you could use an extra $50-$200 a month be sure to check this out.
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5 thoughts on “How to Get Coupon Inserts in Bulk

  1. But how do people get HUNDREDS of coupons??? I can’t figure it out.

  2. I went down to my local gas stop and asked them to put aside 2 sets of inserts for me when they recycle the unsold papers. They turn in the banners from the front page for credit and pitch the rest. I gave them an 8×11 gold envelope with my name on it.

    I buy milk from them regularly so I am a regular customer. That helps.

    1. I don't know where you live but a few times a year Groupon offers my local paper for like $10 a year or $20 for 2 yrs

  3. Buy your papers ahead for the whole year. Comes to being less than $1 per paper!!!

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