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How to Encourage Your Husband to Cook More + Rib Rub Recipe

This post was sponsored by Smithfield. All opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Can you believe it’s almost Labor Day? I’m super excited becasue I’ll be taking a break from cooking that week to let my husband show off his skills. My husband grills most of our meals during the summer and has been doing so for years. While I’m the primary cook in our home, he is definietly king of the grill.

So how did I get him to do more of the cooking?

My husband is a Southern man to his core and grilling is in his blood. It’s just what you do during the summer and fall. In fact, there are grilling competitons held all over the U.S. with most of it’s top BBQ champions hailing from the south. Grilling is serious business in these parts. To get him to do more cooking, I took advantage of what came natural for him. I didn’t encourage him to make quiches and casseroles. No ma’am! I encouraged him to grill and I did so by doing just a few simple things.

Bought him a grill and grilling tools.

I capitalized on his natural bend toward grilling and bought him a charcoal grill for Father’s Day after we moved into our home. Being a home owner and having a grill is a BIG deal! With Labor Day coming up, we will definitely be firing it up and having family over.

How to Encourage Your Husband to Cook More + Rib Rub Recipe #ad #SmithfieldGetGrilling #IC

Encouraged friendly competiton.

I also began encouraging friendly grilling competitons between him and his buddies. Meat talk is a thing for men who grill. Where to get the best meat and how to cook it is serious business. My husband favorite pork is Smithfield® which is available at Food Lion. The Smithfield Extra Tender Fresh Pork Ribs are what he’ll be grilling up this Labor Day. They are perfect, have no artificial ingredients and they trun out so juicy and tender. He highly recommends these for novice and experienced cooks.How to Encourage Your Husband to Cook More + Rib Rub Recipe #ad #SmithfieldGetGrilling #IC

Told him about foodie hashtags on social media.

About a year ago my husband was just a social media vouyeur. After I had him set up his own social media accounts and taught him about hashtags, it was on. Once he began sharing his food pictures and tagging them with hashtags a whole new world opened up for him. He’s gotten better at grilling, photography and social media as a result.

How to Encourage Your Husband to Cook More + Rib Rub Recipe #ad #SmithfieldGetGrilling #IC

These simple strategies made for a win-win situation in our home. I got my husband to cook more and he got to do more of what he loves. If you love grilling let me share my husbands homemade Southern Dry Rub recipe. This recipe paired with Smithfield Extra Tender Fresh Pork Spareribs will give you flavorful and tender ribs everytime.How to Encourage Your Husband to Cook More + Rib Rub Recipe #ad #SmithfieldGetGrilling #IC

Southern Dry Rub Recipe


  • 2 tablespoons of salt
  • 1/4 tablespoons of paprika
  • 2 tablespoons of cumin
  • 2 tablespoons of ground black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons of chili powder
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • 1/2 tablespoon of cayenne pepper


1. Measure out all of your dry ingredients and mix together in a small container.

2. Rinse meat and pat dry with a paper towel.

3. Use enough rub to coat the entire piece of meat. I used about 4 tablespoons of rub to coat a slab of ribs.
Southern Dry Rub for Perfectly Grilled Ribs

To grill perfect ribs, fill one half of your grill with charcoal. Wrap the ribs in foil. Once the fire from the coals die down, place the ribs on the side of the grill with no coals. Let’s the ribs cook for about 4 hours until they are fall off the bone tender. Enjoy!

How to Encourage Your Husband to Cook More + Rib Rub Recipe #ad #SmithfieldGetGrilling #IC





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13 thoughts on “How to Encourage Your Husband to Cook More + Rib Rub Recipe

  1. I will try your method and get back to you asap! Your husbant looks really into it and the food looks amazing!

  2. I love that my husband loves to cook but we’ve never attempted ribs so far! We want too though because they’re so tasty!! One day soon we will!

  3. What a fun way to get your significant other on the good things social media has to offer! And those ribs look so good!!!

  4. This looks delicious, Glad that your husband loves to cook 🙂 Awesome post!

  5. My husband loves to cool and grill so I’m so lucky ! Wow, I didn’t realize that grilling was such serious business ! I’m surprised to hear that grilling competitions held all over the U.S…I keep this rub recipe & share it with my husband for next time.

  6. My husband cooks a lot so I don’t have to worry in that department. But I love that rib rub recipe and I was only speaking to my husband the other day about having ribs. I am going to give this a try.

  7. Great to to encourage husbands..I need to try those tactics on my husband soon:)

  8. Okay, I’m drooling all over myself here. This looks so delicious! My husband does like to grill, but he needs to use more spices! I need to show him this.

  9. Those ribs came out Grade A – Must be that secret rub! Love the article, encouraging your man to do what is naturally in his blood – GRILL. Enjoy it all!

  10. God bless the husbands who love to cook, may every woman get one. Else, may we have the skills to train them 🙂

  11. This looks delicious! I don’t grI’ll but we own one, lol and husband isn’t a big griller either. So know what do you suggest? I love that this came full circle for your husband. Social media vouyeur, lol.

  12. Happily, my husband loves to cool and grill so I’m a lucky gal! Saving this rub recipe for next time, though. 🙂

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