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How to Create a Barbecue Grazing Table

This post has been sponsored by Kingsford®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s no secret that Germaine and I grill a lot. In fact, I think we grill more months out of the year than not. So, I can safely say Kingsford® Match Light® Charcoal is the best charcoal for amateurs and experts.

How to Create a Barbecue Grazing Table

I’m the amateur of the two of us when it comes to grilling so I asked Germaine to help me. I wanted to create a tailgate grazing table with a barbecue menu. I am in love with the grazing table trend and knew game day would be the perfect chance to test my skills. My husband loves barbecue everything and it just goes great with Sunday’s on the couch watching football.
How to Create a Barbecue Grazing Table

Since I was the one grilling with Germaine’s help, he told me to buy Kingsford Charcoal. Kingsford Match Light Charcoal lights fast, heats evenly, and makes grilling before the game easy. Germaine recommends it for amateurs because it doesn’t need any lighter fluid. Straight out of the bag, it lit instantly. When Germaine grills, he’s soaking wood chips, dousing the charcoal with lighter fluid, and moving the charcoal around for 15 minutes before he ever puts any meat on.

He knows I don’t have that kind of patience and all of the steps he takes are intimidating, but that’s his process. My process is dump the coals, light them up, and grill, which is why he told me to buy Kingsford Match Light Charcoal.Kingsford Coupon

Kingsford Charcoal briquettes have a large surface area for fire to catch hold of, which keeps the coals hot and burning evenly. An even heat is important when using a grill with a large surface and different cuts of meat. For my barbecue grazing table, I wanted several cuts of premium meat. I had been seeing ButcherBox show up in my social media feed for weeks, so I was naturally excited to use their meats to pull off this idea.

I got the mixed ButcherBox with 100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef & Organic Chicken, Heritage Breed Pork, plus the bonus bacon and Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon.

To test out my game day grazing table idea I put chicken kabobs, rib eye steak, burgers and St. Louis pork ribs on the grill. I grilled the chicken until the internal temperature reached 165°, the steak to 150° (medium well), the burgers to 160° and the ribs to 185°. Cooking the meats low and slow infused them with that smoky, wood fired flavor of Kingsford® Charcoal.

How to Create a Barbecue Grazing Table

How to Create a Barbecue Grazing Table

We get to enjoy summer all the way through to Thanksgiving, so it should still be warm enough to grill the turkey and a brisket low and slow while the smoky wood-fired flavor of Kingsford Charcoal infuses the meats.

How to Create a Barbecue Grazing TableHow to Create a Barbecue Grazing Table

Step 1Let the barbecued meats be the star of the show.

All of the meat I used came from my ButcherBox order. The partnership they have with Kingsford Charcoal makes entertaining for game day stress-free. Being able to shop online for the quality cuts of meat, have them shipped free in a cooler-style box, vacuum sealed, and frozen is half of the work done for me.
How to Create a Barbecue Grazing Table

Step 2Set your table foundation.

You can easily set the table foundation using a fabric or butcher paper table runner. If you use butcher paper, you could write the names of the meats where you place them to make it easy for guests to pick what they want. For game day, you could add goal post to both ends of the grazing table.
How to Create a Barbecue Grazing Table

Step 3Choose your serving ware.

For a grazing table, I like using platters, cutting boards, finger bowls, and cake stands in various sizes. You can make this super matchy or bring in a variety of color. The colors can represent a holiday or honor your favorite football team.
How to Create a Barbecue Grazing Table

Step 4Cut your barbecued meats and make them easy to pick up.

Cutting meats ahead of time will prevent your serving line from getting congested. Also, with a grazing table, there’s usually not a lot of space for folks to set their plates while they cut stuff, so get that out of the way ahead of time.
How to Create a Barbecue Grazing Table

Step 5Make it pretty.

I use flowers, fruit, cheese, chocolate, nuts and other knick knacks to anchor the meat so it doesn’t just look like a meat buffet.
How to Create a Barbecue Grazing Table

I hope these tips have made the idea of grilling and creating a grazing table less intimidating. I shared the live setup on my channel as I do with most of my tablescapes. Make sure you follow me if you want more tips for hosting simple events at home.

Since 1920, Kingsford® Original Charcoal has been the gold standard of grilling and since 1999 we’ve been using it to create memories with our family around grilled food.How to Create a Barbecue Grazing Table
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