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How to Compare Mobile Plans to Get the Most Value

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How to Compare Mobile Plans to Get the Most Value #YourTaxCash

I love hunting down the best prices for the best value on everything I buy. I’m equally excited about making my money, especially my income tax return stretch as far as possible. 

Just a few weeks ago my phone stopped working and I needed a new one. I told my husband that since we had to buy a new phone for me, we might as well get a new phone for the kids and switch them from their plan with Walmart Family Mobile over to our carrier. 

Before we could finalize the decision, I had to make sure the switch would save us money. If my husband and I could get the same price with our carrier that we were paying with Walmart Family Mobile it only made sense to have one company.

So I sat down and started comparing the carriers, service and prices and found that we’d be paying more by combining the kids with our service provider and getting less service.

By keeping them on Walmart Family Mobile, and my phone with my current carrier we could actually increase their service and get new phones for all of us.

How to Compare Mobile Plans to Get the Most Value #YourTaxCash

With the savings from my plan, we opted to upgrade our kids to the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Plan which gives them Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data, includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE† data then 2G*, plus we get a free VUDU movie credit every month ($7 value) per line for $49.88.

Because all three of my teens share one phone the extra data is going to be perfect for them. Right now they use their phone to receive calls while at home, call home when they’re away from home and communicate with friends. They also use their phone to search the web for homework and other general purposes.

In addition to upgrading their plan, we also purchased a new phone for them. They got the  Samsung Galaxy On5 on rollback for $69, and we saved $19.88 on the SIM Kit since we already had of children’s service with Walmart Family Mobile. For those who don’t, you can “just pick a phone or Bring Your Own, and get your SIM Kit for only $19.88.”

How to Compare Mobile Plans to Get the Most Value #YourTaxCash
How to Compare Mobile Plans to Get the Most Value #YourTaxCash

Before comparing the numbers, we were dead set on combining the kids onto our carrier, but the savings with Walmart Family Mobile compared to switching them to our carrier gave us the best value and most bang for our buck.

How to Compare Mobile Plans to Get the Most Value #YourTaxCash

The big payoff for my husband and I is we’ll also save a little bit on family movie night with the new Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Plan. The kids get more data, a great plan and we get the free VUDU Movie credit that has a $7 value, same as new release rental.

We have some big financial goals this year so we are very meticulous about how we spend our money. When we get our tax return, we use a portion towards small items and the rest goes toward paying down the mortgage early. With the money saved from staying with Walmart Family Mobile, we can knock off some of the mortgage principle this tax season.

How to Compare Mobile Plans to Get the Most Value #YourTaxCash

Comparing plans to get the most value and keep more money in our pockets is how we are maxing out our tax return this year. 

You can find out more about the Walmart Family Mobile Plans and their phones in the electronics section at Walmart.

How to Compare Mobile Plans to Get the Most Value #YourTaxCashHow to Compare Mobile Plans to Get the Most Value #YourTaxCash

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer here or your local Walmart for current pricing.


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  4. Researching and doing it by yourself is difficult buut worth it in the end.Glad you shared this with us.

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  10. Walmart Family Mobile was the first plan we got our teenager. I love that it has no hidden fees and it's easy to monitor.

  11. My hubby has a phone with Walmart mobile!!! It's so affordable and he got the galaxy phone he wanted. Can't beat that!

  12. I really liked this post. My husband and I are currently looking to change carriers. I never considered Walmart Family Mobile. We already have their basic talk pland and I love it. I'll be sure to share this with my husband.

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