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How To Build a Stockpile Using Coupons


If you’ve couponing a while but can’t seem to build a  stockpile it’s probably due to the two reasons I’ll talk about in a second.

Before I do I want to clear up a myth about building a stockpile. Your ability to stockpile groceries, household and personal hygiene items is not contingent upon whether your store doubles coupons or not.
In fact, 90% of what’s in my stockpile comes from drug stores and Walmart.
How do I build a stockpile?
In order to build a huge stockpile you’ll need two things. 


Whether using cash or store money like the various types shown below, it takes a combination of both to build a substantial stockpile.

I try to spend as little money out of my budget as possible which is why I often buy thing I do not need in order to increase the impact of my cash.

For example:

In the following scenario I bought blood glucose monitors that I did not need to earn store money.

Deal Scenario

Buy (1) Bayer Blood Glucose Meter $10
Use (1) $10 Bayer Blood Glucose Meter coupon
Paid $0.80 tax
Earned 10,000 points = $10

In addition to money you need to coupon, you’ll also have to be willing to buy things you don’t need to increase the amount of store money you have.

Buying things you don’t need to earn extra money you need will also help you be more generous. I give away all of the products I buy that are of no use to my family.

2. Multiple Coupons

For most serious couponers, multiple coupons means 10 or more of an identical coupon.

The more coupons you have the more items you’ll be able to obtain when a FREE are really cheap deal rolls around.

Why do I need so many coupons?

Let’s take my example from above using the Bayer Blood Glucose meter.

For that deal I had over 20 coupons which allowed me to repeat the scenario over 20 times.

Now let’s look at the scenario multiplied.

Deal Scenario

Buy (20) Bayer Blood Glucose Meter $200
Use (20) $10 Bayer Blood Glucose Meter coupon
Paid $16 tax

Earned 20,000 points = $200+


While this is an example of stockpiling something I don’t need, the same thought process works on things you do need.

By the way…I donated all of my meters. 

So if something is FREE and I have 30 coupons that means 30 free for me. 

If you have 3 coupons that’s 3 FREE for you. 

While the scenario I shared was done using a printable coupon, the same method applies when using insert coupons.

The only reason I was able to get these over $300 in items I needed for FREE was because I buy 10+ inserts per week.

But Inserts Are So Expensive?

Yes they are and yes they will be unless you find someone willing to give them to you for free or sell them you for a discounted price.

Either way, inserts are an investment that only you can determine if it’s worth making.

At the end of the day after calculating what you save by couponing minus what it cost in gas, money to buy insert and couponing money, you must determine if it’s feasible for your family.

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