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How I Stay Connected to My Grandchildren + Meet my Granddaughter Jalayna

On August 11th one of the sweetest babies I know was born. Jalayna is my second grandchild and first and only granddaughter. My grandma dreams have come full circle with her birth. My daughter gave birth to her brother five years ago and along she came in 2017. She’s super calm and always smiling. The only time she cries is if she’s, hungry, sleepy or hurting otherwise she’s very laid back. She’s super observant too. She’s always looking around checking things out.

She’ll be six months and will spend her first weekend with her grandpa and I this month. I couldn’t be more excited. I know she’ll wake me up at night to eat, and need me to change her pamper and focus on her 24/7 while she’s here, but I’m looking forward to carving out that time just for her.

How I Stay Connected to My GrandchildrenHow I Stay Connected to My GrandchildrenHow I Stay Connected to My Grandchildren

Her “pah-pah” is even more excited about her spending a few days with us than I am. He didn’t get to hold her brother Jakari as much when he was a baby, because Jakari was very particular about who held him. He’d cry if it wasn’t his mom, dad, or grandmothers. Jalayna however, rarely cries when people hold her. In fact, Jalayna loves for anybody to talk to her and hold her.  How I Stay Connected to My Grandchildren
When I share pictures of Layna and Kari on Instagram many of my new followers think they are my husband and I’s children. It’s weird when people offline see us and assume they are our children as well. I always thought I’d be much older when I became a grandma, but it’s kinda nice being in my 40’s and enjoying my grand babies. I’m not spending all of my days in a rocking chair, holding them, instead we’re video calling several days a week. Kari has his own iPhone which he calls me on often just to talk. Layna get’s to see me and her “pah-pah” a few times a week via our video calls and it seems she recognizes us.

It’s a new day for grandparents and grandchildren. The way I interacted with my grandparents was so different from the way I interact with mine. With technology I definitely feel like I am part of my grandchildren day-to-day lives because my daughter texts, send pictures and videos of what they’re doing. With my grandchildren living over an hour away, I thought I’d miss a lot with them, but because of technology, it’s been the opposite. I see can them anytime almost in between physical visits so we don’t feel like we’re missing anything at all.


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