How I Prep Our “Serve Yourself” Summer Breakfast Bar

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I’m enjoying summer break with my kids and this amazing hot weather, but I’m not forgetting about school all together. Over the summer I’m supporting my kid’s school by collecting Box Tops for Education™ found on General Mills© products like Nature Valley™ Oats n’ Honey Crunchy Granola Bars, Lucky Charms™ Treat Bars, and other General Mills © snacks. I’ve specifically made Dollar General® one of my grocery stops for the kids snacks so I can double the impact of my giving this summer.

Not only do I raise money for my kids’ school through Box Tops for Education™ (learn more below!), when I shop at Dollar General® I support the DG Literacy Fund. For every receipt scanned in the Box Tops for Education app, General Mills © will donate $1 to the Dollar General® Literacy Fund. It’s a WIN! Scan and Donate for your School!

How I Prep Our Serve Yourself Summer Breakfast BarI’m always looking for ways to support causes that matter to me and education is high on my list. I’ve collected Box Tops for Education since my kids were in elementary and have seen the impact it makes. Box Tops for Education now has an app that lets you scan & donate to your kids’ school using a mobile phone.

How to use the Box Tops for Education App

  1. Purchase participating products featuring Box Top for Education.
  2. Download the Box Tops for Education mobile app
  3. Select your school
  4. Scan your receipt using your mobile phone.

For every Box Tops for Education product uploaded 10¢ is donated to the school of your choice. The app is easy to download and use. I downloaded it and scanned my coupon in about 2 minutes. The process is so much quicker than clipping the Box Tops plus within the app I can see how much money my school has earned from the program.

How I Prep Our Serve Yourself Summer Breakfast Bar


The groceries I bought from the Dollar General® should cover breakfast and snacks for this month. To streamline breakfast and snack time, I unboxed everything I bought. Getting rid of the packaging cuts down on trash later and makes it easier for the kids to help themselves to what they want.
How I Prep Our Serve Yourself Summer Breakfast Bar

I used the dresser in our dining room as their food prep station. I used the top of the dresser to keep their breakfast and snacks organized in storage containers. Having them in the dining room cuts down on kitchen traffic and makes it easier for me to see what needs adding to my shopping list. I specifically use open storage so I can see what is running low.

I bought some extras to keep on hand so I can refill the containers for a few weeks. Stocking up this week made sense paired with the General Mills © sale and Dollar General® digital coupon. To save money, I added a coupon to my account using the DG app right while I was in the store. To apply it to my shopping trip I just entered my phone number at the register. I hadn’t used Dollar General® digital coupons in a while, but I see I can get more and save more when I do.

How I Prep Our Serve Yourself Summer Breakfast Bar

Because of the deal I stocked up on Honey Nut Cheerios™, Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ and Cookie Crisp™ breakfast cereal. For afternoon snacks I got the kids Nature Valley Crunchy – Oats ‘n Honey and Lucky Charms Treat Bars. For dessert I bought Fruit By the Foot™, Fruit Gushers™ and a Fruit Flavored variety pack.
How I Prep Our Serve Yourself Summer Breakfast Bar

How I Prep Our Serve Yourself Summer Breakfast Bar

The kids love the idea of their Serve Yourself Breakfast Bar and I love how quiet summer breakfast has been so far.


How I Prep Our Serve Yourself Summer Breakfast Bar!

How I Prep Our Serve Yourself Summer Breakfast Bar

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