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How I decide if I should let my kids take a car to school or not

My thoughts on how I decide if I should let me kids take a car to school or not is a sponsored post written in partnership with Michelin. All opinions are mine.

My oldest son leaves for college in two years and we’re letting him take one of the family cars. We’re looking forward to propelling him into adulthood. At the same time, we want to make sure he’s prepared to manage the responsibility of having a car by what we teach him now.

How I decide if I should let my kids take a car to school or not

We have three teens at home, graduating over the next five years. Each of them has a chance to earn keys to a family car.

Whether our children are given a car depends on them. If you’re having a hard time deciding if you should send your young adult take a car to school or not, here’s how we decide.

We look for the following character traits in our children to determine whether or not they are ready to be given a car. 
How I decide if I should let my kids take a car to school or not
1. Responsible

Each of our children have to demonstrate that they are responsible. They have to show, that more times than not, they are able to make mature and reasonable decisions. We teach them how to be responsible for their vehicles. We tell them the importance of keeping their gas tank full and having a good spare tire in the trunk. You’d be surprised at how many adults drive around with no spare tire and don’t regularly check their gas gauge.

2. Trustworthy

Part of making mature and reasonable decisions means being honest. They must also demonstrate they are mature enough to keep our trust by always aiming to be honest. We all mess up at times and my kids will as well, but we encourage them to come clean so we can work through issues together. Showing yourself trustworthy is a sign of maturity. It says, I realize I’ve messed up and am working to do better. 

3. Accountable

We emphasis the fact that this family is a team of sorts. We are all looking out for ones anthers well-being. My kids know that we check in with one another to say where we are, where we’ll be and when we plan to return. We emphasis, that checking in is a method of making sure everyone is safe and protected as much as possible.

Putting my young adult behind the wheel of a car away from home is a very serious decision and I want to know my child is prepared. 

My kids start driving to high school as early as 15 years old so. By the time they leave for college, they will have demonstrated whether or not they posses these qualities. 

How I decide if I should let my kids take a car to school or not

As parents, my husband and I look forward to sending our kids off with a vehicle. 

How about you? Will your kids get to take a car to college?

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