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How to Create a Date Night Romance Kit

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Raising kids, work, homemaking, busyness and a plethora of other things seem to rob Germaine and I of the freedom to be spontaneous. When it comes to intimacy, what used to be a no brainer, now needs to be carefully choreographed.

In no way, shape or form is our love life lacking, it’s just it takes intentional planning. From talking to my husband, I learned that I was unintentionally giving him –I’m not in the mood signals–.

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If he came home and I was wearing my comfy flannel pajamas, a tee shirt, my pink hair bonnet, fluffy slipper socks and a bathrobe, that made him think I wasn’t in the mood.

I decided to do something to make it clear to him when I was in the mood. Using a pretty nesting box filled with –I’m in the moods items– would help. 

The box I used was deep, the perfect size to fill it with lot’s of romantic goodies.

The first thing I addressed was the whole wardrobe issue. If it’s winter, of course I’m going to be dressed in the warmest, cuddliest pajamas, I own, but I put some of the feminine pajamas inside my romance kit. I think this is one of the most important things in my kit.

The second important thing in the kit is my K-Y® Liquibeads. I love these things. I’ve used K-Y® Jelly lubricants for women for years, but the liquibeads are one hundred times better. They’re less messy and can be used in advance. 

I’ll show you how K-Y® Liquibeads work, but first, some other things in my romance kit are candles, perfume, candy and artificial flowers.

How to Use KY Liquibeads 

It’s really simple. Just as simple as putting together a romance kit. Here’s a better view of what’s in my kit. Go ahead and copy, it’s cool!!  

**If you are pregnant or nursing, you should first consult your doctor before using KY Liquibeads. 

In all seriousness, intimacy is an important part of marriage. I know some couples struggle in this area for many reasons. My husband and I have at times, but we refused to give up on that special time to connect with one another.

It’s a gift, designed for he and I to enjoy one another. It’s just not something we want to let fall by the wayside and this is one way we are intentional about cultivating our romance.

The Romance Kit helps take the guess work out of the equation.   

If your husband made a box like this, what’s one thing would you expect to be in it? 
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19 thoughts on “How to Create a Date Night Romance Kit

  1. So, thinking a "Love" Box might be a great gift for my husband. I can pretty much guarantee he would love it!

  2. This box would rock my husband's socks. I sometimes think, "WHO in their RIGHT MIND would want to see me in lingerie?!" Then I remember that my husband thinks I'm a vixen and he's totally attracted to me all the time. I need to buck up and get some lingerie for us. 🙂 #client

    1. I was thinking like that at one time too Summer. As we age our bodies change and we can definitely feel unsure about our beauty. I'm sure your husbsnd is ubber attracted to you, in lingerie or your birthday suit. 🙂

    1. Exactly…Intimacy is a important part of marriage so planning for it will help us be ready and in the mood when the moment is right

  3. What a fun and creative way to put the spark back in any relationship! As a wedding and event planner and wife and mother, I know all too well life gets busy for me and for my clients!

    1. Yes…busyness is our biggest enemy sometimes so we definitely got to be careful, especially entrepreneurs.

  4. This is a great idea. None of us wnat our usbands to think we do not find them desirable and worthy of our intimate attention. By keeping the special box stocked, it is easy to et into action quickly and without havian to think about it. This is ood for the marriage.

  5. Very interesting idea! Maybe I could make a box for my husband to open on Christmas Eve 🙂

  6. I never plan anything like this.. Maybe I should. I think my husband knows happiness will happen when he sees me get out the crown (Royal) 🙂

    1. You should do it Aimee. We have to keep the good this in our marriages going any way we can.

  7. My husband would probably add gummy bears to the box. We really love to snack on them and they make kisses taste extra sweet!

    1. Gummy bears ((check)). Any kind of sweets would work. My husband likes to chew minty gum before hand. He likes his breath extra fresh. I might add some next time.

  8. Girl!!! My husband would LOVE this! I don't know that my husband would want anything other than this in our box!

    1. I feel like I could make one of these boxes for my husbands birthday and Christmas and he's be content.

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