How Entrepreneurs Can Piece Together a Complete Healthcare Strategy

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My husband and I have been self employed for over a decade now and have comprehensive health care coverage in place, but in the early years there were periods when we didn’t have any coverage. Between 2008 and 2011 we had both given up our traditional jobs to pursue entrepreneurship only to learn health coverage is very costly outside of a group plan at work.

We were getting health insurance quotes for thousands of dollars per month for a family of six and quickly learned there were limited affordable options for entrepreneurs. In the early years of entrepreneurship we actually had periods when we had no healthcare coverage all the while, hoping we didn’t get severely sick or have a catastrophic incident. We quickly learned that the healthcare options were limited and we had to be extremely strategic at piecing together a strategy for our family.

How Entrepreneurs Can Piece Together a Complete Healthcare Strategy

Nowadays, there are way more solutions which is why I think so many people are flocking to entrepreneurship. Over time, we began to see groups like Impact Health Sharing offer affordable solutions helping its members save thousands of dollars. The plans with Impact Health Sharing start out at $65 a month for individuals and $330 a month for families. which are very affordable prices.

How Entrepreneurs Can Piece Together a Complete Healthcare Strategy

Today my husband and I are thriving Soloprenuers with solid healthcare solutions in place, customized to provide healthcare for our entire family. 

Because I know so many people who want to be entrepreneurs, but fear being without coverage I want to share one affordable solution for anyone considering entrepreneurship.

Health Care Sharing CommunitiesHow Entrepreneurs Can Piece Together a Complete Healthcare Strategy

What is a healthcare sharing community?

A health care sharing community is where health care costs are shared amongst  members of a group. This is the kind of health care solution available through Impact Health Sharing and is designed to help offset the cost of medical expenses for those who either can not or choose not to participate in an employer group insurance plan.

Healthcare sharing communities makes accessing medical care affordable for those of us who choose to pursue something other than a traditional job with  health insurance benefits.

The key difference to note is that Impact Health Sharing is not insurance, but an ethics-based community that is open to anyone interested in sharing, acting responsibly together, and saving on healthcare.

It’s a comprehensive option that covers routine and preventative care, mental health care, prescription discounts, free telemedicine 24/7 as well as catastrophic incidents.

How Entrepreneurs Can Piece Together a Complete Healthcare Strategy

As Entrepreneurs the onus is on us to find the right solutions to make sure we can get affordable medical care when we need it most. Using Impact Health Sharing is one way to make sure you and your family has access to comprehensive options while pursuing dreams of entrepreneurship. Through Impact Health Sharing, members can see any doctor they want nationwide with no network fees and no network limitations. 

That means you can see your doctor because Impact participates with any provider.

 And Impact is a not for profit organization. It is a member centric program that focuses on members and not profits. In fact, they just GAVE BACK to their members portions of their monthly shares that totaled $281,260.

If you want  an affordable alternative to health insurance, with  comprehensive medical coverage, doctors nationwide and no network fees, click on the Impact Health Sharing  links in this post to learn more.

How Entrepreneurs Can Piece Together a Complete Healthcare Strategy


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