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Home Management Binder Plan With Me Tour

I hope you all are having an amazing week!! I sat down to do my weekly planning and decided, why not share it with you guys. 

I originally filmed this tour for my Periscope channel, but later uploaded it to YouTube.

I thought it would help some of you are just getting started with planning. I like watching videos on YouTube about planners and get a ton of inspiration that way. 

In this video, I walk you through the process of setting up a day using my Daily Planner Page from my monthly planning packet.

I share a little bit about how I decide what to include on my sheet as well as a demonstration of my handwriting you all love so much.

If you enjoy this video, let me know my subscribing to my channel. I have a link down below.


To download my planner packet you can do it right here —–> Monthly Planner Packet

    Do you want to see more videos like this?  Let me know in the comments section.

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      2 thoughts on “Home Management Binder Plan With Me Tour

      1. Absolutely loved your schedule. Simple is your key. I would love to know more on how you run your home/ see more video's if it's feasible for you and doesn't take time away from what is more important. May God Bless your excellence in all you do.
        Ps. Can I come over for a meal? I'm hungry Viewing your menu.
        Seriously, how when do you find the time/day to update schedule? How does your family know your agenda?
        Thank you!!!!!!

        1. Great questions. Once I write out the menu it goes on the fridge. If I have tasks for the kids or my husband, I'll copy them from my planner onto a pad and hand it to them. That way they know what they need to handle.

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