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Hand Drawn Planner Page Printable

Hand Drawn Planner Page Printable

We are just about through with December and I have a goodie for you. This is one of the planner formats I used this month and since so many of you liked it on Instagram, I scanned it and uploaded it for you.

It doesn’t have the Christmas decorations on it. I drew those after printing the sheet. It’s a plain printable, so you can use it through out next year with ease.

This was one of my favorite from December because I added a space for a daily quote.

Hand Drawn Planner Page Printable

Having that little quote section on there was very motivational. I hope you find that space useful as well.  

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      I also included an unboxed space in the center of the planner page for notes. In fact, all the the un-boarded space can be used for note taking and doodling. 

      Hand Drawn Planner Page Printable

      If you use the planner page and share it on your instagram tag me using @apronsandstilletos. I love seeing how other people use my planner pages.

      You can print the planner page here.
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