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Gold Leaf Inspired Flower Pots

It was so chilly and dreary this week and that kind of weather makes me feel all blah!! 

One day this week when the temp were in the upper 60’s, I spent some time in my gardens turning over soil, pulling weeds and trying to overcome my fear of snakes. Ever since we put down a boat load of mulch, it’s been attracting snakes. Apparently, they like laying their eggs in the warm moist mulch.

Since it’s been too cool to work outside, I decided to quench my creative yearnings indoors. My Easter flowers were beginning to outgrow their pots so I used that as an excuse to create some customized flower pots. 

They were so simple to make. It took about 20 minutes and a few supplies to create four different looks.

I used four 6.5 inch clay flower pots, the same Gold metallic spray paint I used on the gold piggy bank in my office and the faux decorative ball. You’ll also need painters tape, various craft brushes.

The paint colors in my home are all being updated to the blue/white/mint family so I made sure to incorporate them into these flower pots using Valspar’s “Belle Grove Sorbet”.

For the flower post shown below, I tapped them off just below that natural rim of the pot. I used paper to cover the area of the pot below to rim.

I painted one rim in the minty color and the other three gold.

Then using a small craft sponge brush with a little bit of the opposite color paint, I began dabbing specks onto the rim.

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      After that, I used a black permanent marker to add lines and dots.

      They turned out even better than I expected and look so nice placed around my home.

      I have two larger terra cotta flower pots I’m going to decorate too. I love how a little paint can make an ordinary flower pot extraordinary. 

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        1. It was very easy. I have two larger pots I'm going to paint a little differently. I'm sure your mom will love the ones you make her

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